Lack of imagination

Given what I’ve written for prompts relating to creativity, or imagination, and fantasies, this particular post will probably be a bit of a let down. The prompt this time, on the subject of pen-names has, I admit, left me with nothing really to say. This is largely down to the fact that Morag is actually my real name.

So, there you have it; my secret is out. In a way, I’d have probably been as well if I’d linked my “About” page to the prompt.

About the only thought that I put into the pen-name was the inclusion of the accent over the “o”. This isn’t really an affectation. Although my official given name is Morag, this is an anglicised spelling of the original Scots Gaelic name, Mòrag. As my mother’s family hail from Stornaway and my father’s side are from Portree (both of whom are Gaelic/English bilingual), and I have a degree of fluency in the language, it didn’t seem unreasonable to adopt the Gaelic version of my name for my online presence.

Sadly, there really isn’t any more to say.

But what about “Moggy”? I hear some of you ask. Well, while you may be excused for thinking it’s a reference to me being some sort of crazy cat-woman, it was, in fact, simply an early playground nickname that I’ve kind of carried with me ever since.  Given my red hair, the name Morag, and the fact that Master C and I share the house with a slightly overweight black tomcat called Sgàil (Gaelic for shadow), I probably could do a pretty good witch at Halloween but, once again, almost no imagination was used in coming up with that particular name.

What can I say, other than, “Is mise Mòrag”? It’s not in anyway original or imaginative. Can you ever forgive me?

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6 thoughts on “Lack of imagination

  1. Marie Rebelle March 8, 2021 / 18:04

    And here I was, all those years, thinking Morag is just a pen name. I love that it’s your real name though!
    ~ Marie


    • Mòrag March 8, 2021 / 20:27

      It’s probably the one time when I should have maybe actually used more imagination. It’s a common enough name in Scotland that,ccombined with only ever sharing a very few,vver’ anonymous photos, I suspect means my identity is safe and my chances of being identified pretty slim.


  2. May More March 10, 2021 / 18:57

    You have a great name – why not use it. I do like the moggy thing too
    May x


  3. Posy Churchgate March 14, 2021 / 21:18

    Oh, I just thought you’d plucked a typically Celtic name out of the air – but it does suit the persona you present


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