The photogenic penis and adult contact sites

OK, so I realise this really doesn’t have very much, or possibly even anything to do with the prompt that No Pants Endurance has set, but it’s one of those perennial questions that comes around, so to speak, every now and then. The question that frequently gets asked us girly sex bloggers is if we get sent unsolicited photos of men’s genitalia, and if so, how many. Thankfully, these days, I receive very few; but in my Adult Friend Finder days, I used to receive anything between 5 – 10 a day. Now I’m fine with a bit of penile bombardment, especially when the penis doing the bombarding belongs to Master C or the “Other Guy”, but there are limits.

The pictures I received were all of fine specimens, but having spent a few months on that, and other sites of that ilk, I can see why so many women get turned off by them. I mean, we ladies do like to shop around, and the adult contact site is kind of a guy’s shop window, I get that, but, the truth is, they all look like cocks. It’s a bit like going into Currys or John Lewis and being presented with a wall of washing machines; we know we want one, but can’t tell very much about them based just on what they look like.

Penises come (no pun intended), in a variety of shapes and sizes. Well, that’s not strictly true. They do present themselves in an infinite variety of sizes; from long and thin, to short and thick, from straight to bendy, and everything in between, but by an large, in terms of shape, they are all pretty much, well, you know,cock shaped. They are, it must be said, designed for function rather than aesthetics in my opinion. I’m not knocking cocks, they are often very good at what they do (some better than others, but that’s down to the owner, not the actual cock), but there are, I believe, much nicer bits of a man’s body to look at.

Now, OK, it doesn’t bother me that much. After all, I:

a) Like cocks, well, the way they feel inside me, not so much for their aesthetic value; and

b) Like one cock very much in particular. It’s the one I come home to every night and regularly makes me come.

But, put yourselves in the women’s shoes for a second (might be a tight squeeze, but the results might be worth it). As I mentioned in a previous post about cock size, there’s only so much you can glean from a photo. You can’t really tell much about its size, you certainly can’t tell anything about the way its owner works it; so what do those pictures tell us?

Well, other than the fact that you have a cock and so, therefore, are definitely a bloke, absolutely nothing. And, given that you are blokes, I can already fairly safely assume that you have a cock, so you’re telling me nothing I don’t already know.

Now, that being the case, how am I, or indeed any woman going to be able to determine anything useful when all we’re being presented with is a picture of a bit that:

a) We already know you have; and

b) If a woman meets you and decides that nothing’s going to happen, she’s never going to see, let alone feel.

I’ll be honest, as I said, I like cocks, but I’ve never yet seen a photo of one (especially a photo that shows nothing but a cock) that’s made me go “WOW!!! I must have that inside me!”. Again, actually, that’s not strictly true, but when Master C or the “Other Guy” sext me with a photo of their cocks, I already know everything about it, and I know I want it in me, but I digress…

In the world of adult contact sites, it’s a buyer’s market as far as we women are concerned given by how much you guys outnumber us, so why not give us something more to look at? It doesn’t have to be a face, but showing us a nice toned body (yes, I am that shallow) might help us. And even if, as I said in my previous post, physical attraction doesn’t guarantee sexual satisfaction, if the attraction isn’t there to start with, then your cock, no matter how nice, probably will never get near us.

Any way, just my thoughts on the subject.


4 thoughts on “The photogenic penis and adult contact sites

  1. Borderline Bella November 6, 2018 / 06:21

    Awesome Post!!
    I too, prior to dating my amazing and gentlemanly husband, got my fair share. First and foremost, penises are the most ridiculous looking things on the planet and men think that their own schlongs are the Holy freaking Grail. When my husband and I were dating (we agreed to wait six months before being intimate) at some point near the time that the six months was coming to an end, I had to sit him down and tell him about my unusual reaction to seeing penises. I thought it would bode better for him to know this in advance rather than me breaking out in a fit of giggles when he got undressed in front of me the first time. Even with him being forewarned, he still got a bit pissed off when I laughed. The more huffy he became the harder I laughed until I had tears streaming down my face as I sat there butterball ass naked as the day I was born. Obviously I was something of a sight myself because after a moment he understood the hilarity of the whole situation and fell out laughing himself. At that moment we weren’t Naked and Afraid, we were Naked and Laughing hysterically. I immediately knew he was the one💕💕

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  2. niccihaydon November 9, 2018 / 16:51

    I quite like the look of a penis from an artistic point of view – you know all those paintings and sculptures that show a naked man with his bits right there. But you’re right, it’s a part of the whole, and in those instances it’s almost always flaccid, like it’s just waiting to be played with, not hard like it’s a fait accompli.

    I have never ever ever received an unsolicited dick pic that made me horny. I *have* blocked people who sent them.


  3. Kayla Lords November 14, 2018 / 02:25

    Ha! Love it! And also, I can’t remember every seeing an unsolicited cock and thinking, “WOW!” either, lol.

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  4. David Mei October 29, 2022 / 14:06

    For some reason I came upon some older Masturbation Monday posts and started down a bunny hole that included some of your older posts. I miss your musings and incites. Hope you and yours are well.

    On the matter of a man’s prick, being an owner, even I find them kind of gross and disgusting. And I like the look of mine when it is fully aroused, but flaccid? Ugly. No two ways about it. Women’s vaginas on the other hand, I have spent whole days admiring in photo or person.

    I do know that some women find their genitalia as unattractive as I find cocks. Being the contrarian that I am, that is not to say that the art of a well formed, proportioned and presented example can be appreciated for the beauty. But those are very rare, and never a casual image. Be well, stay safe.


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