I am Morag. I am submissive and I am a slut. I am proud to be a submissive and a slut. In particular, I am proud to be Master C’s submissive and Master C’s slut.

I am not Master C’s girlfriend, I am not His partner. I am His submissive, His slut, and He is my Master.

Because I am a slut, I have much more freedom than a girlfriend or partner has. For example, I am free to fuck other guys. There are consequences to this however. Fucking someone other than my Master will result in me being punished. I can expect to be soundly thrashed for such indiscretions. So long as I am willing to accept the consequences of my actions, Master C lets me do as I please.

Some people think that by submitting to a Master, a sub is in some way restricting herself. This couldn’t be further from the truth. A good Master cherishes and nurtures His sub, allowing her to grow and develop. He guides her and, where necessary, disciplines her and allows her to gain her full potential. So it is with Master C and I.

If I please Him, He will reward me. If I displease Him, He will punish me. When I am uncertain, He will guide and support me. When I do well, He will congratulate me. When my performance falls below what is required, He will correct and instruct me.

Sometimes, when we fuck, He will concentrate on my pleasure; using His words, His fingers, His tongue, His cock to fulfil and satisfy me. Sometimes He will concentrate on His own pleasure; using me, my body, my mouth, my pussy, my arse purely for His benefit, His enjoyment. I do not complain. I am His slut. He is entitled to use me, just as He is entitled to give Himself to me. My pleasure is as important to Him as His own is and He provides mine and takes His in equal measure.

Most of all, I yearn to please Him. I love the way He leads me to discover new places, new experiences, new ways to serve Him.

And in all that He does and in all the ways I try to please Him, I learn so much more about myself; my needs and wants, my hungers and desires, my strengths and capabilities, my potential, and my worth as a person.

My Master is my guiding light, and where He leads, I follow…

100 useless facts about me

I hope you’ve found these interesting, but I won’t be offended if you gave up after #1.