Suffering in silence

When it comes to expressing my pleasure/enjoyment of something, I am quite a vocal person. I don’t mean in the asthmatic banshee wailing of women in porn kind of way, just that I like to be able to “release” vocally (albeit often incoherently) as well as physically, emotionally. With that in mind, here is my take on this week’s Quote Quest prompt:

“To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves.”

–   Federico García Lorca

As I said, I tend to vocalise things; not just sexual enjoyment/orgasm, but any strong emotion. I tend to live on the very edge of my skin, and I have a need to let things out. I will howl with laughter at a particularly funny joke/sketch, I will scream with shock at scary bits in films, I will almost certainly let my partner know how much I am enjoying the sensations they are causing me to experience.

Sometimes I will manage to articulate these into actual words, telling them how good their cock feels inside me, or their tongue feels on my clit. More often, the deeper my arousal and closer I am to orgasm, the less articulate I become and my vocalisations are reduced to murmurs, moans, sighs, whimpers and the occasional hoarse profanity.

Of course, all of this is fine when engaging in sex in the privacy of your own home, a hotel room, or in the confines of a swingers’ club, but sometimes there is a need to be more circumspect.

Readers of this blog will be aware that I have a propensity towards sexual activity in less private places; whether that be in some secluded out of the way spot in the countryside to having a frantic quickie in a dark, back street/lane. While part of the enjoyment of these activities is the risk of the possibility of being caught, there is a need to try and mitigate this risk as much as possible. One of the ways to do this is to ty not to draw unnecessary attention to ourselves and what we are doing and, tat generally means needing to be quiet.

For me, as a vocaliser, this is often a source of added torment. Given the risky nature of what we are doing, my arousal is already heightened. If someone has their fingers up my cunt, or is fucking me with a sense of frantic urgency, the sensations I am feeling are going to already be intensely powerful. In “normal”, more private settings, being able to give voice to my pleasure helps release some of the pressure that is building inside me as the sensations move me along the journey to climax. The need to be quiet denies me that pressure valve and as the pressure builds, so the sensations intensify and the need for release increases. Essentially, at this point, I am a living, breathing uncontrollable chain reaction of pre-orgasmic energy. Where normally I would moan with carefree abandon, I am reduced to whimpers which do little to relieve the mounting tension until my climax eventually takes me and reduces me to a trembling wreck.

Of course, it’s not always when being fucked in such observable/overhearable locations that silence may be required. Often, Master C will require me to remain silent, as a form of control. This differs from being gagged in that, with a gag, I can still make sounds, they are just prevented from being articulated, where I am required to be silent, I have to remain silent by volition. When the instruction for silence is combined with a form of orgasm denial, it can lead to a build up of pressure inside me that is excruciating in its intensity that is not unlike that which I experience when I am being choked. In the same way that the first lungful of air when Master C removes His hands/belt from around my neck and pulls His cock from my throat provides a relief to my oxygen-starved self that is beyond words, so the final permission to come and to give voice to my release is of a similar magnitude.

It’s fair to say, I was not designed for silence, and being forced to be so is an almost punishment of almost unbearable torment.

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9 thoughts on “Suffering in silence

  1. David Mei May 20, 2021 / 16:23

    Passion in any context requires release.

    I am right with you on crying out.
    Whether it is outrage at a stupid act, tears during an emotional scene (or even commercial), laughter at a good joke, or pleasure during the act. I talk, sing, or make non-verbal noises. Often with swearing and calling upon the many names of God.

    Being silent is what I did when I was in repressed relationships.
    Great commentary on making a joyful noise.

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    • Mòrag NicEanraig May 20, 2021 / 17:12

      I completely agree. I believe we were designed to vocalise our emotions and to let them out. Bottling anything up just increases the need and the pressure within until we either let it out, or it finds its own way out.

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  2. collaredmichael June 13, 2021 / 11:47

    I find sex is so much more exciting when both partners allow themselves to make noise…. But I had to learn to do that.


    • Mòrag NicEanraig June 14, 2021 / 11:21

      I think it’s a form of expression and, like so many others, we need to be comfortable in ourselves to indulge in it. That’s what, for me, makes it such an ordeal when I am under instruction or there is a need to stay quiet.

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      • collaredmichael June 14, 2021 / 13:01

        I agree. It is so difficult to remain quiet. I admit it’s easier though when I am not allowed to cum (most of the time). It is exceedingly difficult to remain silent when orgasming.


  3. Marie Rebelle August 10, 2021 / 13:28

    There was a time when I was really quiet during sex, but ever since I have learned I can voice my pleasure, I have not been quiet anymore. I never thought of it as a way to release the pressure though… interesting point!
    ~ Marie xox


    • Mòrag NicEanraig August 10, 2021 / 15:29

      I must confess, having always been fairly vocal, it was only when I was ‘forced’ to be silent that I noticed how intense the build up of ‘pressure’ became and how much stronger the need for release became.

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  4. missy August 11, 2021 / 19:47

    I really struggle to express myself vocally in that sense. I think I did start to get better and then the kids got older and we had to be super quiet again. It does feel like it limits things in terms of letting go. I really enjoyed hearing about your experience. Thanks for sharing. Missy x


    • Mòrag NicEanraig August 23, 2021 / 17:31

      I guess there are advantages to not having kids after all… Joking aside, I remember the times in my younger days when I was messing with my b/f and had to keep things quiet and how much easier things were when I knew the house was free of parents/siblings and I could just let go. Having to bottle things up, quite literally makes me want to scream.

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