Friday night sofa snuggles

So it’s Friday night, we’re staying in, snuggled on the sofa, me with my head on Master C‘s lap, watching whatever shite is in the TV.

A couple of glasses of wine consumed and I’m feeling a little bit naughty.

I trace the outline of Master C‘s cock through His jeans. He playfully bats my hand away. I try again. His cock is harder now, the outline more defined. Again Master C moves my hand away; this time it’s even less convincing than last.

I try again. I feel His cock stiffen further. Master C wriggles a bit and He rests His hand on my head, his fingers playing with my hair.

I unzip His jeans and slide my fingers inside. His cock, still encased in his boxers, twitches in response to my touches. Master C moans slightly as I slip my fingers inside His shorts. His fingers twist in my hair as I idly stroke His shaft, feeling it stiffen and twitch.

Master C murmurs softly as I tease the head with my fingers, feeling it swell.

I remove my hand and unbuckle His belt, unbuttoned His jeans and release His cock from its confinement. A bead of pre-cum oozes from the slit. Master C shudders as lick it away with my tongue.

I kiss the tip and swirl my tongue head. On the TV a klaxon sounds; someone has got something obviously wrong on QI again. I take this as a sign and wrap my lips around the head. Master C moans more loudly and His fingers tighten even more firmly in my hair.

I slide my lips leisurely up and down His shaft, pausing at the top to tease the head. Occasionally I let my teeth drag lightly along His skin, making Him flinch.

As I suck and lick, His hips begin to move, driving His cock deeper into my mouth. His hand exerts a pressure on my head, pushing me harder on to Him.

I cup Master C‘s balls, squeezing them as the head of His cock lodges in the back of my throat. His breathing deepens as the jerking of His hips becomes more pronounced.

His cock twitches with increasing frequency. The flavour of His pre-cum grows stronger. His balls swell in my hand.

I can feel the tension in Him build. His moans become deeper, more prolonged. Master C‘s cock stabs my mouth with short, stabbing thrusts.

His fingers tighten in my hair. Once… Twice… Three times… His sign, telling me that He is on the brink.

I slide my mouth back, wrapping my lips tightly around Him, only the head of His wonderful, throbbing cock in my mouth. I encircle Master C‘s shaft with my fingers, stroking Him as I suck.

A moan, a spasmodic jerk and Master C‘s cock erupts. My mouth fills with cum; rich, warm and salty. I savour the taste before swallowing it down. His torrent slows to a trickle; the last drops pool on my tongue.

His cock subsides, His breathing returns to normal, His hand releases my hair and rests lightly on my head as He tells me I am His “Good Girl”.

As I tuck Master C away, the weather forecast says it’s going to be miserable. All the more reason for us to stay in bed…

The Oral Sex Project

Suck whenever you want…

So, apparently, once again, it is “Steak & Blow-Job Day”. It’s not really a concept I understand. Master C and I are both foodies, and steak is a fairly regular meal in our house. Not always beef; sometimes venison, but not uncommon.

Also, it probably comes as a surprise to no one, but blow-jobs are not exactly a rarity in our house either. In an average week, I will generally find myself with Master C’s cock in my mouth three or four times, at least. I think I may have mentioned it before, but I love sucking cock; Master C’s cock especially, but pretty much any cock attached to a guy that I find attractive will do.

Assuming however, that for the purposes of this post, I restrict myself purely to the sucking of Master C’s cock (and if I ever had to restrict myself to just one cock, His would definitely be the one I would restrict myself to), then quite clearly, Steak & Blow-Job Day, far from being an annual special occasion, is actually a fairly regular occurrence; essentially any day that I give Master C a blow-job (which could be any day at all) that coincides with one or other of us cooking steak.

Leaving aside the frankly ludicrous notion of only eating a particular cut of meat once a year (seriously?!), the ideal that I would deny myself the pleasure of something that I absolutely love doing, that being sucking Master C’s cock, so that it could become some sort of “special treat” for Him is simply ridiculous. Why would I do that? Why would I deprive Him and, more to the point, me of something that we both enjoy?

Now, I know the whole thing is really a joke but, either you like sucking cock or you don’t.  If you don’t, why should you have to make yourself do it just to please a guy? Similarly, if you do, just get on with it and suck His cock, regardless of what day it is. If steak just happens to also be on the menu, then so be it.

x-Box Challenge

So, with the game installed and running on the x-Box, Master C settled back on the sofa, and I took my position kneeling between His legs. The challenge was set. My task, should I choose to accept it, was to suck Master C off as He played. The stakes, a spanking of 6 slaps for each goal He scored before He came.

To be fair, I wasn’t quite sure how to play this one; as much as I love sucking Master C’s cock, I do enjoy a good spanking.

I needed have worried; 30 seconds later, I was already a goal down. The game briefly paused, the slaps duly delivered, 3 to each cheek, and we were off again.

I returned to my task, my determination renewed. As Master C squirmed on the sofa, as much in response to the action on the screen , as to the action going on between His legs, I purposefully set about my task.

Despite a prolonged period of possession on my part, Master C scored again. Once again, my stride was broken as my punishment was duly delivered and sportingly accepted.

From then, I was content to try a holding action, but on the stroke of half-time, Master C netted His third. This time, on account of my sloppy defending,  the slaps were delivered with the paddle rather than His hand and my eyes were beginning to sting as much as my arse cheeks.

The second half got underway with a sustained period of possession and pressure from me. I could tell Master C was finding it harder to concentrate, and that wasn’t the only thing getting harder.

I pressed home my advantage. I could almost taste a breakthrough, but then, from nowhere, Master C slipped past my defence and found the net for a fourth time.


Beaten but not defeated, I started again. Master C was clearly showing the strain as I threw everything at Him, but still He held on. His movement was becoming less controlled. He was clearly struggling to maintain possession and then, finally, I broke through his defences.

His cum flooded my mouth. Thick, hot strings pooled on my tongue as His cock twitched and jerked in my mouth.

Somehow, miraculously, even as Master C scored in my mouth, He managed another goal. The final act of the match would result in me getting my arse tanned for a fifth time; but as I swallowed his load down and braced myself for His lap of honour on my arse, I decided that, on balance, it had been a fair result.

The Oral Sex Project

Coffee and cream

I bring a coffee through from the kitchen and set it down on the small table beside the sofa. “Does Sir’s cock require sucking?” I ask.

It’s a silly question really, I already know the answer. Just because I’m a cock-hungry little slut however, doesn’t mean I don’t observe the little niceties.

Master C nods and smiles. His hands move to undo his jeans.

I push them away. “No, let me,” I say as I kneel between his legs, “just sit back and enjoy.”

I unzip his jeans and reach inside. His cock is delightfully hard and it twitches in response to my touch.

I ease it from its confinement and pause to appreciate it. Long, thick, hard, with an oh so familiar pattern of veins. I stroke it gently. “I love your cock,” I say, and it’s true; those lovely inches of hardness have given me so much pleasure in our time together.

I kiss the tip. I work my lips around the head. I kiss my way down His shaft before licking it all over. I look up, catch His eye and smile before slowly taking Him into my mouth.

Master C moans; a long, deep moan that tells me more than words how much He enjoys the attention of my mouth.

Slowly, I slide my lips down, taking Him deep into my mouth, inch by marvellous inch until I bury my nose in His short clipped pubic hair. I swallow with the head lodged in the back of my throat and I am rewarded with another groan.

I start to move my head up and down, keeping a steady suction as my lips travel up and down the length of Master C‘s cock. I reach the top, I swirl my tongue around the head before working my way down to the base again.

I love the way the head of His cock moves against the roof of my mouth and presses into my throat. I love the way the thick vein on the underside feels against my tongue. I love the way His cock twitches and throbs inside my mouth. Above all, I love the noises and the involuntary movements Master C makes as my mouth works its magic and the sensations take over.

I build up the speed of my movement. I feel a hand rest on the back of my head; passive for know, but I know that will change.

His fingers begin to twine in my hair, His hips begin to rock; imperceptibly at first but becoming increasingly pronounced.

I suck harder. Master C begins to push my head down as the thrusting of His hips drives His cock into my mouth. I choke a little as I adjust to His increasingly urgent participation.

Both hands now hold my head. He begins to fuck my mouth; stabbing his cock between my lips.

His moans become louder, but more irregular. The first beads of pre-cum leak on to my tongue.

“Suck… It…Morag… Suck… It… You… Slut!” Master C gasps; each word punctuated by a jubbing thrust, “Suck… My… Fucking… Cock!”

His fingers tighten their grip on my hair. He pulls my head down, forcing me to take every inch of Him. I gasp and splutter, choking around the swollen head as Master C drives it forcefully  into the depths my throat.

He is beyond control. He fucks my mouth as roughly as He would fuck my cunt or arse. My jaw aches as Master C pounds me.

“Get… Ready… Morag… Get… Ready… To… Drink… My… Cum… You… Slut!”

I can feel the tension in His thighs. Master C pulls His cock back until only the head, swollen and angry remains in my mouth.

“Suck it Morag! Oh suck it, my sweet little, cum-hungry slut!”

I suck hard, tonguing the slit at the tip.

“Yes! Oh fuck, Yes! Yes! Oh Morag, YES!” Master C roars as He erupts.

I swallow hard. His hot cum stings the back of my throat. Again and again, jet after lovely, rich, thick jet, His cum fills my mouth. After the initial deluge I let it pool on my toungue, savouring its flavour and texture before sending it on its way.

Finally, I let His cock slip from between my lips. I sit back, look up at Him and smile. In a voice made hoarse from the punishment my throat has received, and at the risk of a spanking I cheekily say, “Don’t forget your coffee, dear.”

  The Oral Sex Project

Give and take – Oral sex

When done right, oral sex is bloody amazing. I like to receive and I like to give. Being bisexual is an added bonus because I am every bit as happy when I am feasting on another woman’s cunt as I am when a man has his cock in my mouth.

I love cunnilingus. And, in all honesty, I love performing it almost as much as I love having it performed on me. Cunnilingus, in my opinion, can make the difference between OK sex and absolutely fucking amazing sex. And here’s a little factoid for you; men can be every bit as good at it as us women.

Most men can fuck with an adequate level of proficiency, and some of us women are fortunate that we can cum simply through being fucked. Let’s be honest though, penises are pretty good at doing what they are designed to do; the fit nicely inside those bits of us that can accommodate them, they feel good when they are used with a certain proficiency, but they are not the most flexible of organs (especially when in fucking mode). Mouths, lips and tongues however, we’ll that is a whole other matter.

For me, as with almost everything sex related, the build up is just as important as the act itself. I can be driven wild by those teasing kisses to the insides of my thighs; those touches that get tantalisingly close before pulling away. For anyone going down on me, getting that bit right will pretty much have me eating out of your hand.

When his (or her) tongue finally slips between my labia, I want my partner to feast on me, to enjoy it, to luxuriate in it. Good cunnilingus doesn’t need to be a marathon, but it should (almost) never be a sprint. To keep with the sporting metaphor, think of it like a 10k, or at the very least a 5k. In some instances, I’ll even be content with the 1,500m, but I am almost certainly not going to get there if you’re going to do the equivalent of trying to beat Ussain Bolt (now that’s a whole other fantasy in itself).

When someone is going down on me, ideally I want them to be concentrating on nothing else. It’s not some precursor to the main event, it’s as much an event in its own right as intercourse is and; sometimes, for some of us girls, it can actually be our favourite event.

Don’t get me wrong, I love fucking, and I love being fucked, but being expertly eaten out can take me to a completely different levels.

So, and this may be a gross generalisation, if you want to give a girl an amazing sexual experience, learn to (tr)eat her properly.

The flip-side of this is that I am, quite unashamedly, a cocksucker. I’ve been sucking cocks for over twenty years, and I actually shudder to think about how many penises have been in my mouth during that time. I’m not avoiding the actual number because I’m ashamed of it in any way, I genuinely can’t remember how many different cocks I have sucked. I know for a fact that I’ve sucked more guys off than I have actually fucked, but that’s as much as I can tell you.

I truly love the feeling of having a cock in my mouth. Despite being utterly submissive, I love the control it gives me over the guy whose cock I am sucking. I love the way it drives him wild. I love the way that my lips and tongue makes him lose control. I love the feelings of those final few seconds before he cums when his cock swells and twitches in his mouth. Most of all, I love it when he erupts and floods my mouth with his hot, thick load.

Since the very first blow-job I ever have, I have been a swallower. For me, that rich, warm mouthful of male essence is my reward for my efforts. It’s not my favourite flavour, I will freely admit, although if he takes care of his diet and doesn’t smoke it can be not too unpleasant, but I love the feeling of it in my mouth. I love its heat, I love its texture, I love the feeling of it sliding down my throat.

Of course, not all blow-jobs end this way. Sometimes they are simply a preliminary part of the proceedings. Even when I do make him cum, sometimes his load ends up over me and not inside me. While I love the feeling of a man’s cum in my skin, and I certainly have no objection to wherever a man decides to unload, the greatest compliment to my cock-sucking skills that any man can pay me is when he gives me a lovely mouthful of thick, warm, rich cum to savour before I swallow it hungrily down.

So, ultimately, what does all this tell you about me? Give or receive, lick or suck, this greedy little slut is definitely down for oral.


Blow-jobs and throat-fucks

To the uninitiated, giving a guy a blow-job and having a guy fuck your throat may seem to be pretty much the same thing. I can assure you that, to me at least, they are very different indeed. While both involve my mouth and his cock, and both usually involve me swallowing, or wearing, a load of cum, that is where the similarities end.

First there is the perspective of who is doing what and to whom.

When I’m going down on  Master C, sucking His cock, giving Him a blow-job, it is something that I am doing to and for Him. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy it, because I do, but a lot of my pleasure derives from how much pleasure I am giving Master C. Granted, as His climax approaches, Master C may grab my head, force His lovely thick cock into my mouth, fuck my face, as it were, but it is still essentially as a result of my actions; I have actively caused Him to lose control and I will be rewarded for my efforts with a nice thick load of cum in my mouth.

When Master C fucks my throat, however, it is very much something that He is doing to me. In this sense, my mouth is simply a hole to receive His cock as Master C fucks my throat the same way He would fuck my cunt or my arse. When He tilts my head back over the edge of the bed, or over the arm of the sofa and forces His cock as far down my throat as it will go, I am very much the one on the receiving end and Master C is using me entirely for his own purposes.

A blow-job as me actively giving Master C something, using my mouth to show Him how much I want/love Him. A throat-fuck is much more submissive on my part; Master C is the one using my mouth, He is the one in control.

In the same way, that when I suck His cock, Master C is trusting me to keep my teeth out of the way, when He fucks my throat, I am trusting Him not to go too far, not to hurt me too much.

Now, which I want depends on my mood; which I receive, depends on His. When I’m giving Master C a blow-job, I get to savour His cum in my mouth before swallowing it down; when Master C is fucking my throat, His cum is shot directly down my throat, often bypassing my tastebuds.

A good blow-job gives me a warm feeling of control. It is a sensual pleasure, where I use my skills to bring Master C to climax.

A good throat-fucking will leave my throat raw, my jaw aching, tears streaming from my eyes and a delicious feeling of having been used.

I wonder which I’ll be doing/getting tonight?

#Masturbation Monday The Oral Sex Project

The unintended blow-job

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, how the fuck (or possibly suck) can you give someone a blow-job unintentionally? Was I or was I not an active participant in the fellating of Master C? Well, yes, of course, but I hadn’t actually been intending to suck his cock.

What with an unfortunate combination of having  PMT, a cold, and the inevitable post-festive return to work January blues I’ve been feeling about as sexy as being stuck in rush hour traffic on the M74. Sometimes, however, when I’m presented with Master C’s cock, I can’t help myself.

I should explain that, for once, it wasn’t that Master C intentionally stuck His cock in my face, so to speak. He’d had a shower after training and had thrown on a bathrobe and collapsed on the sofa. At some point during the evening, a change in position had caused His robe to open a bit.

Now, I’ve always had a fascination with the way a penis can go from being small and shriveled and inoffensive, to being hard and full and angry. I find it strangely hypnotic. Seeing Master C‘s cock peeping out, all relaxed and yet strangely appealing, was, despite my lack of obvious libido, too much of a temptation.

A single light touch of my fingers made it twitch, a few more made it begin to grow. Gentle touches, light teasing caused Master C’s cock to stiffen and swell. Without really being aware of what I was doing, I stroked and teased Him into a state of full hardeness. There was nothing inoffensive about His cock now; Master C was rock hard, the head was swollen and purple.

Having been responsible for getting Master C into this state, I really had to do something about it.

I took Him in my mouth and gave Him a leisurely suck, taking the head  into the the back of my throat and stroking His shaft and teasing his balls  with my fingers.

I was in no rush and took my time, enjoying the texture and contours of His cock as I worked my lips up and down every delicious inch.

In the end, a grunt and a groan and a tightening of His fingers in my hair was all the warning Master C gave me before filling my mouth with cum.

I hadn’t intended to suck Master C off last night as we snuggled on the sofa watching the telly, but the force and power of His climax, rewarding me for my efforts, made me so glad I had.
The Oral Sex Project

Empowerment through sucking cock

I have to admit, I never really give a lot of thought to the mechanics of sex and their impact on the greater world of sexual politics; basically, if I enjoy it, then, fuck yeah, do it to me baby, is about as deep and philosophical as I get on the subject. However, with sex, as with all things in life, there is a certain power balance between men and women, and that balance is generally tilted in the direction of the man.

When we get right down to it, no matter how much we women enjoy it, or how enthusiastically we participate, the truth is that most sexual activities involve things that are done to us.  It is, at the end of the day, our cunts and our arses that are being penetrated and it is his cock that is doing the penetrating. Now, that’s fine, that’s the way nature designed us. As a woman, my body is made to receive, and believe me, I do enjoy being receptive; and the more forcefully a man gives, the more receptive I become.

Even the language of sex is orientated towards the male perspective.  We talk about women being “taken”, I will tell Master C that I want Him to “use” me, or that He“owns” me.  And, if we’re being brutally honest with ourselves, even our own bodies conspire against us, given that it takes us much longer, generally, to get off than it does for men.

There are a couple of activities however, where the balance shifts.  The first is the humble hand-job and the second is the blow-job.  With these two activities, it is us women doing it to the men.  OK, so ultimately it still leads to his orgasm, but we have the power to grant or deny that release.

I gave my first blow-job at the tender age of 14.  It was a special present for my then boyfriend’s 15th birthday. With my lack of experience, I probably wasn’t very good, but as it was the first time that the recipient had ever had his cock sucked, he was hardly in a position to make comparisons. But even then, at that young age, with no experience at all, and a cock in my mouth for the first time, and me wondering if I was doing it right, the thing I became increasingly aware of was that I was in charge. The stirrings in his cock were down to me, the moans of pleasure were down to me. Even when he put his hand on the back of my head, trying to force his cock deeper into my throat, that was all down to me. He was going to cum, and that was down to me.  I could choose to tease him, I could deny him his release and that too, would be down to me.

Actually, I was kidding myself a bit about denying him, given the novelty of the experience, he blew his load pretty quickly, but that in itself was confirmation; I had caused a boy to completely lose control; he couldn’t have stopped himself from cumming even if he had wanted to, and that was all down to me, and the feeling of power it gave me was an immense turn-on.

As I grew in cock-sucking experience, I learned that my mouth could be used pretty much like a weapon, to give or deny a man pleasure at my choosing.

There is a contradiction to the blow-job. When you look at it in one way, getting down on your knees in front of a man and taking his cock in your mouth seems like one of the most submissive and subservient things a woman can do, and to an extent, this is true.  I love it when Master C orders me to get down on my knees and suck His cock, or when He force-feeds His cock to me after it’s been in my cunt, and it is covered in my juices. But, at the same time, however submissive I am, and however submissive the act of sucking His cock  may appear on the outside, knowing I have the power to grant or deny a man release, puts me, the cock-sucker, in a very dominant position over the cock-suckee.

Of course, most of the time, when I’m sucking a cock, I’m not thinking any of these things, I’m simply enjoying having my lips wrapped around a glorious piece of man-meat. Whether it’s part of foreplay that’s going to progress to me getting my brains well and truly fucked out, or whether I’m doing it simply because I think the man in question deserves a blow-job and I’m going to hungrily swallow down his cum at the end, doesn’t really matter.  At the end of the day, I’m a cock-sucking slut, who loves the feeling of a cock sliding between my lips, along my tongue until the swollen head lodges in the back of my throat, making me cough and my eyes water.

Sometimes, however, I take great satisfaction in knowing that, for as long as I have a cock in my mouth, I’m in charge…
The Oral Sex Project

Throat fucked

I’m naked, restrained, blindfolded, my head bent backwards over the edge of the bed. My arse still stings from the lashing of Master C’s belt. My nipples throb painfully as the pegs dig into them, holding them erect.

The head of Master C’s cock presses against my lips. “Open wide, slut, I’m going to fuck your throat now,” He commands.

Barely waiting for me to comply, He forces His cock between my lips, into my mouth until the head lodges in my throat; His balls slap against the bridge of my nose. Without a pause to allow me to accustom myself to his presence, Master C begins to move.

He fucks my mouth with deep, hard thrusts, driving His wonderful cock as far as it will go. I choke around it. Master C laughs, telling me that a well trained slut like me should be able to do much better before fucking my mouth harder.

My cunt is growing increasingly wet with every stroke of His cock. Master C reaches forward to squeeze the pegs on my nipples, increasing the pressure, increasing the pain. I try to cry out, opening my mouth wider, but He simply takes this as an invitation to  push in harder.

His hands move up from my nipples to my neck. His thumbs press down; gently but firmly; pushing down against the thickness of His cock through my skin.

My throat is raw. My nipples ache. My clit throbs. The cloth around my eyes grows increasingly damp as my tears soak into it.

Again I choke. Again Master C chides me. His balls slap against me as He stabs His cock between my lips. He feels so thick, so hard; His cock goes so deep.

I struggle for breath as Master C increases the pressure on my neck. The extra tightness makes His cock feel even thicker in my throat. It feels so good, knowing that He is using me for His pleasure, that He is treating my mouth simply as a hole to be fucked.

“Filthy slut!” Master C moans. “You are my filthy little slut!” Each word is punctuated by a sharp thrust of His gorgeous cock filling my airway. I feel myself becoming increasingly lightheaded through lack of air.

And then, suddenly He is gone. As I gulp for breath I feel the warm, stickiness of His cum on my skin as Master C unloads over my neck and boobs.

His cock returns to my lips as He feeds me the last drops of His cum; my reward for being His slut.

Master C removes the pegs from my nipples. I sob with relief and then, as He begins to rub His cum over them, I feel my climax ignite.

Arching my back as much as my restraints will let me, I shiver convulsively as my cunt contracts, my womb pulses, and waves of pleasure wash over and through me.

I know it won’t be my only orgasm.  I know that once Master C is hard again, He will fuck my cunt and possibly my arse just as hard as He fucked my throat.

For now, however, I am happy to wait.

The Oral Sex Project

These lips were made for sucking

According to a certain pair of typical men, who shall remain nameless, I was born to suck cock, and I suspect there may be some truth to this.

I started when I was 14 and was hooked before the guy in question blew his load into my mouth. I wasn’t particularly prepared for it back then, and I probably ended up wearing more than I swallowed, but practice makes perfect.

I love the intimacy of it. To me, sucking a cock is just about the most intimate thing I can do with a man.

It’s a strange mixture of submission and control. When I’m sucking a cock, I am doing it for him; concentrating on his pleasure. In that respect, it can be a very submissive act, and I am a very submissive woman. But, at the same time, I’m the one in control. I set the pace, I ultimately decide when, and where, he can cum.

While I’m sucking his cock, on my knees, eyes downcast, the man in question is losing control because of what I’m doing to him. As someone who thrives on being controlled, it’s a strange juxtaposition of submission and control.

Of course, I may just be overthinking it. It could just be that I love sucking cock.
The Oral Sex Project