Content Warning: Sexual Violence (Consensual)

Inspired by the 6 Nations, a few years back, I wrote about a Changing Room fantasy where I’m bound and helpless and the local rugby team get to have their way with me. Essentially, I get well and truly fucked in every hole, get cum splattered all over me, and then, with the absolute minimum of cleaning up afterwards, I have to join them in the club bar where they all talk very loudly about what they did and how I took it.

The key elements of this story are:

  • restraint/helplessness
  • being used by multiple men
  • having numerous loads of cum shot on my face/boobs/arse/skim
  • public humiliation

The truth is, while the setting and the premise may vary, the above is pretty much a recurring theme of my fantasies. They almost invariably involve me being tied up, naked in some semi-public location where there is an invitation for any who find me to use me as they please.

It could be the changing room as described above, it could be me bound and helpless in a hotel room, where the door has been deliberately wedged open, it could be me bound over a style or a gate on a country footpath or, in some sort of public stocks, being punished for my wanton behaviour by the good citizens, and my punishment is to endure their wanton behaviour.

Wherever the fantasy is located, I am always naked, always restrained, always helpless to resist and there is always the “invitation” for whoever encounters me to use me in whatever way they see fit.

What follows is an indeterminant number of people, both men and women, doing what they want. Fucking my mouth, fucking my cunt, fucking my arse, whipping me, thrashing me, my cunt is fingered, licked, fucked with numerous implements/toys and I simply have to “endure” it.

Usually, but not always, the men choose to punish me by denying me the satisfaction of having their cum released inside me; they shoot their loads on my skin, their cum sticks to my face, drips down my boobs, coats my buttocks. By the time I am finally released, every hole has been fucked countless times and I am a mess of dried on cum.

As if the humiliation of the public sexual torture and cum-soakings weren’t enough, there is always some sort of “walk of shame” element, where my slutiness is displayed for all to see. Those who have fucked me, feign outrage at my deplorable wantonness while congratulating themselves on how they used me, both individually and collectively.

The final act in my fantasy is the redemptive element. The overseer of my punishment/public humiliation (almost always some fictionalised version of Master C or “The Other Guy”) fucks me, rewards me with their cum in my cunt or mouth and tells me that despite being a filthy slut, they are proud of how I stoically took my punishment, how I held my head high, proudly, despite the humiliation, how I have proved myself to be worthy.

It’s probably fair to say that my fantasies are born somewhere within the darker side of my subconscious that I wrote about recently. I can’t deny there is a roughness bordering on violence about them that I suspect some may find disturbing. The thing is though, when my mind goes down these particular paths, the intensity of the orgasms that such mental images help to produce is something else altogether and I’m left feeling as drained as if the scenes playing out in my mind had actually happened.

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11 thoughts on “Fantasies

  1. Marie Rebelle February 16, 2021 / 17:21

    One thing I share with you in my fantasies, is being helpless, and having things done to me. In my fantasies I am there for the pleasure of the other, to be used the way they want to use me. I rarely include a ‘walk of shame’ as the humiliation of being used is enough to get me off 😉
    Great post!
    ~ Marie

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    • Mòrag February 16, 2021 / 19:10

      It is bizarre the things that we tap into for our pleasure. Our sexual subconscious has a mind and will of its own.

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  2. gemmi72 February 17, 2021 / 23:21

    I hope that one day you will be empowered to live your fantasy.

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    • Mòrag February 18, 2021 / 08:59

      Within our poly circle, it kind of has been done, but always in the privacy of someone’s home, or a hotel room; I’ve never been made available to “all comers” as it were.

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  3. Kristan X February 19, 2021 / 15:31

    I can totally see the appeal of this kind of fantasy, dark and complex as it might be!

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    • Mòrag February 20, 2021 / 09:49

      For me, it is the dark elements that always draw me back to some variation of it.

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  4. collaredmichael February 25, 2021 / 11:19

    As a male my fantasies are still similar. lol. Maybe we’re fraternal twins separated at birth… lol


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