Love & Sex

This week’s Quote Quest teaser is one that I have some very strong thoughts about.

“Sex without love is as hollow and ridiculous as love without sex.”

– Hunter S Thompson

Now, I’m going to be honest and say right from the the very outset, that I completely disagree with this statement. My disagreement can be summed up by answering two very simple questions:

  1. Have I loved every person I’ve ever had sex with?
    Absolutely not.
  2. Have I had sex with every person I’ve ever loved?
    Again, a resounding “no”.

Sex and love are two separate things; although they can often be closely interlinked. Love is an emotion, a feeling, a connection of spirits and souls. Sex is a physical act, a joining and (sometimes literally) coming together of bodies.

To illustrate my point, there are many people I love (and have loved). I love my parents, I loved my grandparents, I (mostly) love my siblings. Have I had sex with any of these people? Well, no, absolutely not. I also have and have had any number of friends, with whom I have shared what I would describe as a deeply platonic form of love.

The flip side to this is that I definitely love Master C and I love “The Girl” and also “The Other Guy” and I absolutely do have sex with them. There are also a couple of exs in my past that I also loved and had sex with. However, as anyone with a passing familiarity with this blog will be aware, I have also had and enjoyed a hell of a lot of casual sex down the years; sex where it wasn’t uncommon for me to never even find out the name of the person I sucked and/or fucked. I think it goes without saying that there was absolutely no love involved in these encounters (unless my love of the act itself and the way that act made me feel counts).

In a way, this kind of follows on from my previous post. I completely agree that having sex with someone tat you love and that loves you is special; it adds a whole several extra layers of feeling and emotion to proceedings. Having Master C roughly fuck my arse feels different from some unknown random fucking it, even when done with the same force. Why? Because I have a deep emotional connection with Master C that adds to it. Having Master C or “The Girl” or “The Other Guy” go down on me feels so much more intense than having someone else do it, irrespective of how skilful that person is. Why? Well, aside from their knowledge of what really presses my buttons, again there is the emotional overlay.

Don’t get me wrong, I (mostly) fully enjoy my casual encounters. If the person you with knows what they are doing, and is in any way considerate to your wants and needs, what isn’t to enjoy about getting soundly and thoroughly fucked? What is their not to enjoy about getting your cunt skilfully eaten out, or going down on someone else?

Good sex, even great sex, doesn’t require love for it to be satisfying. I have had casual encounters that have resulted in me being reduced to a dishevelled, sticky, spasming mess; fighting to bring my breathing and or heart rate back under control, that come close in intensity to anything that I have done with those that I love.

There is a difference though. Those casual encounters are physically satisfying and, to a certain degree, emotionally so as well. Sex with Master C or “The Girl” or “The Other Guy” also satisfies me on a “spiritual” level. Where a great casual fucking may satisfy me in body and mind, a fucking from Master C or “The Girl” or “The Other Guy” also satisfies my soul.

So, to me, sex without love is far from hollow; if it were I probably wouldn’t engage in it. Yes, there have been disappointments; there have been encounters that, with hindsight, would probably have been better avoided. There were times in my past where I’ve got under someone to get over someone else, but those are a minority. But for each of those fucks that have been less than great, there have been many many more that have given me everything I have wanted from them and, sometimes, even more.

Full disclosure; no one makes me feel the way I feel when Master C and I fuck. No one knows what my body, mind, soul and spirit needs more than He does. Sometimes, however, all I need is the “thrill of the chase” and the “surrender” that comes with letting myself be caught.

What can I say? I’m simply a voraciously happy slut that loves sex.

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10 thoughts on “Love & Sex

  1. Christian_who July 19, 2021 / 11:36

    You are absolutely right.
    sex without love can be very horny.
    Sex with love is something very beautiful and horny.

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    • Mòrag NicEanraig July 19, 2021 / 12:05

      Love adds its own special elements, but ultimately it only builds on the pleasure that good sex provides.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. MrsK July 19, 2021 / 15:07

    I agree with you completely and have found I actually crave that loveless sex sometimes. Being monogamous now, I miss the random hookups, the fumbling and clumsy interaction and of course those first discoveries with a new partner. But I also love the connection I have with Mister K. The comfort, the sense of knowing he is in control. Two sides of the same coin for sure, but definitely different, yet no less wonderful.

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    • Mòrag NicEanraig July 19, 2021 / 15:11

      I sort of feel that without “loveless” sex we wouldn’t ever experience sex with someone we loved. When I first met Master C, while we loved fucking each other, we did not love each other; that grew over time.

      I accept that teenage me was already in love with the first guy that I ever fucked (we’d been bf/gf for a couple of years by that point), but in every relationship I’ve been in since, the sex came first.

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  3. May More July 19, 2021 / 21:05

    I fuck – on rare occasions I have made love i find it works better for me this way – less intimacy more fun
    May x

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    • Mòrag NicEanraig July 19, 2021 / 21:24

      I love intimacy, especially with Master C or “The Girl”, but when we are being intimate, we fuck. To me, love is simply an emotional overlay, it’s something to feel. Sex/fucking is something you do with, or have done to you by an other person.
      I love and I fuck, but not always at the same time.


  4. Mary Wood August 6, 2021 / 09:28

    I can only say one thing. I know very few people who would give up sex without love. Therefore, both have a right to exist.


    • Mòrag NicEanraig August 9, 2021 / 15:26

      Exactly. Both are natural and, dare I say it, essential for personal wellbeing, but they are distinct and separate. That said, when they exist together, they complement and enhance each other, but they do not rely on each other for validity.


  5. Lisa Stone August 6, 2021 / 18:37

    And if I love sex, but do not love a person, then why should I refuse sex?


    • Mòrag NicEanraig August 9, 2021 / 15:06

      No reason at all. If it’s consensual and no one is being hurt by it, then just do it and enjoy it.


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