Fuck love

I’ve never been fond of the term “making love”. To me, love is something that you feel, not something that you do.  That’s not to say that having sex doesn’t make you feel loved, it can, and when it does, it can add a whole other level of intensity to proceedings; but sex and love are not the same thing, and you can have one with, or without the other.

I like to use the word “fuck”. It’s coarse, it’s earthy, it just sounds right for an act that, when we get right down to it, is basically an animalistic coupling. Yes, sex can be gentle and tender and, dare I say it, loving; and it is great, but it can also be rough, and hard, and, well, animal, and that’s pretty damned amazing too.

I also quite like “shag”. I’m not sure if I can differentiate between a shag and a fuck, or even possibly a screw (although that’s not a term I particularly like), but that’s not important. The thing is, you can fuck, shag, or screw someone without loving them; I know I certainly have.

I’ve never really understood the euphemistic term: “sleep with”. Yes, OK, so I have (literally) slept with a few of the partners, both male and female, that I’ve had sex with, but there have been more than a few guys where no sleeping was involved whatsoever. Similarly, I have shared a bed with (so, again, literally slept with) a guy and not had sex with him. So, generally, it’s a term I avoid.

Euphemisms and slang aside, I will generally just describe it as “sex” or “having sex”. Granted, in the heat of passion, I have never huskily whispered the words “Have sex with me,” into a partner’s ear. I have, however demanded, quite forcefully on occasion, that said partner should “Fuck me!” and that sometimes they should “Fuck me harder!”. Could you possibly imagine asking someone to “Make love to me harder”? No, didn’t think so.

On a similar vein, I have absolutely never asked some one to make love to me in the arse, although I have very definitely asked, begged, pleaded, demanded to have my arse thoroughly fucked.

Sex is our most basic, animal pleasure. For me, words like “fuck” and “shag” have an animal quality that fits so well.  And, as Tina Turner once said, “What’s love got to do with it?”

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6 thoughts on “Fuck love

  1. Life of Elliott... July 16, 2021 / 16:48

    You are so right. Sex is not about love, it’s nice when with someone you love, maybe a little more special, maybe not. Shag… we don’t say that over here, although after Austin Powers people started to for awhile. Fucking is the best, there is nothing sexier than a women saying ‘Fuck me!”. ‘Sleep with’… nah. Good post.

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    • Mòrag NicEanraig July 19, 2021 / 10:09

      I am fully onboard with asking/pleading/begging (and very occasionally, when the brat side of me takes over, demanding) to be fucked. Just saying the words, “Fuck me” elicits a sensation of almost being able to feel it. I’m not knocking love; I love loving and being loved by someone, and I also really love being fucked. Fucking or being fucked by someone I love just makes it better still.


  2. Kitten (she/her) (@kitten4_daddy) July 23, 2021 / 22:46

    I definitely differentiate “making love” and “fucking.” For me making love is a specific, slow, romantic, almost worship of someone I’m in love with which is great on occasion but most of the time I want to fuck.


    • Mòrag NicEanraig July 25, 2021 / 13:37

      I do understand your differentiation, but in my case, fucking is definitely a form of worship. Maybe it’s my pagan Celtic heritage…😉


  3. Lisa Stone August 9, 2021 / 20:06

    You are correct in your conclusions and honest in your choice of terminology. I support you.


  4. Sexually Poetic September 23, 2021 / 01:58

    Absolutely agree, although I do like the term “sleep with,” depending on how sensitive my audience is. I have never liked the term making love, I understand why some people do and even think they are, but those are not people I fuck with😋


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