Keeping it simple

I write a lot about the D/s side of my relationship with Master C. For that reason you’d be forgiven if you thought my sex-life was all kink, pain, swinging, thrashings, clamps, plugs, facials, humiliation and degradation, and just generally all things pertaining to being a masochistic submissive slut.

Now, while it’s true that all of things listed above are major parts of what goes into making me the sexual being that I am, and while they are all hugely important to the way I express myself and have my needs met sexually, and, while I’m certain those are the details that most of my readers find most “interesting”, the truth is that the majority of the sex I have is, actually, pretty “ordinary”; it’s the kind of sex that even the most “vanilla” of readers would be able to relate to.

At the end of the day, sex is one of the many forms of intimacy that exist within a relationship. While, for Master C and I, it often contains a BDSM element, albeit to a greater or lesser degree, often it is just that expression of physical intimacy; the ultimate closeness of two bodies enjoying each other.

Take this morning, for example. I woke to feel, as I almost always do, Master C’s body spooned firmly behind mine. I could feel His early morning hardness. His arms around me, His hands cupped my boobs, His thumbs slowly stroking their surface.

I wriggled my bum against Him to let Him know I was awake. He kissed my neck, His thumb brushed my nipple; I moaned softly as my body started to respond.

At some point in the proceedings, I turned to face Him, stroking His cock as we kissed and caressed. I slid down under the sheets and took His cock in my mouth; teasing Him, tasting Him, turning Him on.

I move back up, and Master C fingers my cunt as He teases my nipples with His lips and tongue. I grind my hips, driving His fingers deeper inside me as the sensations increase the pressure inside me.

From there the scene shifts and Master C is above me, His cock poised, ready to slide into me. Delicious long seconds pass before He rocks His hips, entering me slowly, but firmly; letting me savour every inch as His cock fills me.

We fuck. At first slowly; both of us savouring each stroke and thrust. Hands stroke skin; He brushes a lock of hair from my face as He moves to kiss me; my hands caress His arse as He moves inside me.

A change of position; Master C thrusts harder. His body becomes tense as mine becomes more fluid. Each stroke, firm, measured, controlled. Each downward thrust of His hips met with an upward tilt of mine. His head dips; teeth fasten around one nipple, the other pinched between His fingers.

We roll over and I ride His cock with carefree abandon; impaling myself on His hardness. His hands cup and press my boobs together, His lips and tongue tease my nipples. I grind myself down firmly against Him. I ride Him until my orgasm is triggered, its energy pulsing through me.

We roll over again. Master C takes me hard and fast. His body collides with mine. A rhythmic “slap”, “slap”, “slap” echoes as His skin connects with mine.

I close my eyes as I come again; gentler this time, but sill wonderfully intense. Master C’s breathing becomes increasingly laboured. The staccato movements of His hips become increasingly urgent. The tender, caring, loving partner has been replaced by a male in full rut; the primal savage Has once again been release.

These are the moments I love most; those moments where Master C loses Himself in the act of fucking, those moments where He is a slave to His most basic urges; He is no longer fucking me, He is simply fucking, driven by the need to release.

A groan, a final surging thrust, that briefest, almost imperceptible moment, and then His cum begins to fill me. Shorter, shallower thrusts, each followed by a smaller release of His essence inside me.

Spent, Master C slumps on to me, squashing me beneath Him. We lie there, me holding Him as He returns from His primal possession.

His hand once again strokes the hair from my face. A kiss and a smile. Master C slowly pulls out and rolls on to His back. I roll on to my side, kiss His cheek and snuggle against Him as His cum starts to ooze from my cunt. We lie there together until it is time to get up, or we decide to do it again.

This morning, we did it again; and it was even better…

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8 thoughts on “Keeping it simple

  1. MrsK December 20, 2021 / 20:04

    So often people think there’s no room for anything vanilla in a D/s relationship, or that “vanilla” is actually a bad thing (wonderful flavour if you ask me, just not all the time!). When you’re with a partner long term though, those moments are the glue that holds D/s together 🙂
    And it’s equally delicious!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mòrag NicEanraig December 21, 2021 / 22:11

      Great sex is, in my opinion, mostly in your head; the physical side is what gets you into that headspace. It’s really all about what is “right” in the moment.


  2. David Mei December 21, 2021 / 05:38

    Yes, most days this is what we live on. Our life is complex and to play unfettered by time or constraints of family Is a luxury. What makes scenarios like the one you share more flavorful is our relationship. The dynamic of give and take, the norm becoming pure lust, carnal, primal, and intense. That is far from vanilla. I’ve tasted vanilla and this is more or a twist of flavors. Vanilla with a touch of something a little more. Possibly cinnamon or ginger in our case.
    Thanks for sharing. This was what makes a special morning or odark thirty snack.


  3. Brigit Delaney December 21, 2021 / 19:26

    “Ordinary” sex is often anything but plain or boring. This was a yummy read! Quite inspiring!


    • Mòrag NicEanraig December 21, 2021 / 22:09

      There are times, quite frequently I find, when it hits exactly the right spot. Sometimes I need pain, sometimes I just need to feel Master C inside me, taking me.


  4. Marie Rebelle December 21, 2021 / 20:12

    Ordinary sex sometimes is hotter than the kinkier kind, especially when you wake up this way 🙂
    Nothing wrong with vanilla sex, right?
    ~ Marie xox


    • Mòrag NicEanraig December 21, 2021 / 22:07

      Essentially, there is a time and a place for everything. Sometimes I need the kink, sometimes I just need a plain and simple fuck. It’s all good.

      Liked by 1 person

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