Making the most of morning wood

I stretch and yawn. Master C’s hand is between my thighs, a finger brushing over my smooth lips. I wriggle and part my thighs ever so slightly; an invitation for Him to go further when it suits him.

He plays with my soft curls and begins to press firmer. My juices begin to flow. His fingers slowly but deliberately spread my labia.

A hand on my breast, tracing its curve. I feel warm and languid; content to be little more than a passive participant in this seduction.

I moan as his finger slides inside me. I shudder slightly as Master C pinches one nipple with His fingers and His lips fasten on the other.

He moves above me; kissing my neck, my collar bone, my boobs, my nipples, and then lower.

He moves between my thighs and begins to lick. It feels so good as Master C lazily applies His tongue to my clit with slow, firm licks.

His hands move up to cup and squeeze my boobs as His tongue explores my cunt. My juices flow over His tongue. A “Yesssss!” escapes from my mouth as he pinches my nipples.

I can feel my climax approach. Without changing pace or intensity, His tongue drives me inexorably onwards.

I come, hard. My fingers clenched in the sheets. My head tossing from side to side as I surrender control of my body.

Master C moves up, kisses me and I savour the taste of myself on His lips.

A movement of His hips, a moan from me, a sigh from Him as His marvellous thick cock slides so easily into me; filling me, stretching me.

We fuck, long, slow and hard and Master C pins me beneath Him with powerful thrusts of His lovely, forceful cock.

The tempo slowly builds, His thrusts become more rapid, sharper, stabbing into me. It feels so good as Master C slowly loses control, surrendering to His urges, fucking me as if He neither knows nor care who is beneath Him.

This is His moment, it’s all now about Him; His need, His climax. I am simply the means for Him to achieve his end, a body for Him to use, a hole for Him to fuck.

His breathing deepens, His body grows taut, His hips surge of their own volition, driving his cock into my cunt. I offer soft moans of encouragement, letting Him know how much I am enjoying being fucked by Him, being used for His pleasure.

He stiffens, He groans, I feel His cock pulse inside me as Master C fills my cunt with a thick load of cum. Then He collapses, spent, on top of me, squashing me into the mattress.

We lie there, Master C on top and still in me; me holding Him tight, feeling His warm breath on my neck, His heart pound in His chest.

A kiss, a groan. Master C dismounts and rolls over. I snuggle up close, feeling the heat of His body next to mine, gently stroking the hairs on His chest as we bask in the post-coital afterglow.

Can there be a better way to start the day?

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Wake-up sex

The current prompt on Quote Quest asks us to consider the following:

“A morning coffee is my favourite way of starting the day, settling the nerves so that they don’t later fray.”

– Marcia Carrington

Now, I am not a morning person, and I will freely admit that coffee is definitely one of my vices, and once I’m up and out of bed, there is a certain truth to the above quote. When faced by a mountain of paperwork or case notes that need reviewing, there sometimes feels like there isn’t going to be enough coffee to see me through it.

Often though, my day starts much earlier than my first mug of coffee, and when it does, it often goes along the following lines…

I wake up feeling warm and relaxed. I can feel Master C’s body, hard and warm behind me as He holds me close, His breath warm against my neck. I wriggle gently against Him, letting Him know I am awake; pressing back against His early morning erection.

A kiss on my neck, a gentle squeeze of my boob is all it takes to ignite my desire. I moan softly and rock my hips, Master C’s cock slips between my legs.

His hand travels over my body, starting with my boobs; my nipples stiffen as Master C gently teases them. The stubble on His chin scratches my shoulder as He nuzzles into my neck and I feel my cunt respond, growing warmer and moister with every second.

His hand slides lower; I part my legs slightly to ease His access. A finger slips between my lower lips and works its way inside me.  I moan and grind myself against Master C’s hand. My cunt grows wetter and hotter as my body responds to His attentions.

Master C slips His finger from my cunt. I take His hand and lift it to my mouth. I take His finger between my lips, tasting myself.

I reach down between my legs. I wrap my fingers around Master C’s cock and begin to rub the head between my lips and over my clit; teasing myself, building my arousal.

His hands caress my boobs; His fingers tease my nipples. Tingles run through me as I work the head of Master C’s cock over my clit.

I shift on to my back, Master C moves above, positioning Himself between my legs. His cock, presses against me; I spread my legs slightly, moving, my hips, to accept Him.

He pushes into me; I clutch at His back as His cock fills me.

Our bodies move; Master C sinks into me, slowly but forcefully, filling me, stretching me. His pubic bone grinds against my clit, neurons spark in the pleasure centres of my brain.

The pace increases. Hearts pound, breathing quickens. My body begins to shake, my cunt grips His cock tightly.

Master C pushes harder, more forcefully, impaling me on His wonderful cock. My orgasm builds inside me. I moan more loudly as I let the pleasure wash over me.

He groans. His body tenses. A strangled gasp escapes Him as Master C erupts inside me, filling me with His seed; hot, thick and sticky inside me.

He collapses on to me, breathing hard, pinning me beneath Him. Finally, Master C rolls off; we cling to each other, holding each other close as His cum dribbles from my cunt.

We doze; that languid post-fuck drowsiness holds us until the alarm clock sounds and a new day starts.

So yes, my morning coffee is a very important part of my routine, but I think my favourite start to the day looks more like what I have just described; then followed by coffee, of course…

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The alarm clock hasn’t gone off and we’re having our wake-up snuggle. Spooned together, I can feel the firmness of Master C’s early morning erection press against me. I wriggle against it.

Master C’s hand cups and squeezes my boob. His thumb flicks over my nipple. It stiffens in response and I squirm against Him.

He kisses my neck, then announces, quite simply, “I’m going to put my bit inside your bit and slide it in and out until I release a quantity of sticky fluid inside you.”

Master C disentangles His arm from under me as I roll on to my back and open my legs.

He moves above me, His cock pressing against the entrance of my cunt. “I’m putting it inside you now,” He says, matter-of-factly.

“Oh, yes please, please put your bit inside mine,” I reply, not altogether succeeding in keeping a straight face.

I moan softly as Master C  slides into me and duly begins to “move His bit in and out of mine”. Slowly at first, but with firm and steady strokes, filling and stretching my “bit” with His.

The pace increases, as does the force of Master C’s thrusts. Before long, He is fucking my with an urgency that is matched by mine. “Keep moving!” I urge, “Please, uhh… keep moving, ahh… inside me ohh!”

He does; harder, and still more forcefully. I know this phase; in this moment He is lost to me. In this moment, it isn’t me He is fucking; He is simply just fucking. In these moments Master C is at His most primal; rational thought has been replaced with animal instinct. I close my eyes and arch my back beneath His as my own body begins to respond in kind.

My climax ignites. My “bit” tightens around His, griping it as it powers into me. Through the daze of my orgasm, I can sense the approach of His; the sharpness of His breathing, the tension in His body, the urgency of His movements.

And then He comes. A long, strong, surging thrust as He releases inside me, followed by a series of shorter, less urgent ones as He rides the waves of His climax.

We lie, side by side, a tangle of arms, legs and hair. The air filled with the scent of our fucking.

“Did Sir enjoy moving His bit inside mine?” I enquire coyly.

“Sir did indeed,” He replied. “Did you enjoy me moving mine and releasing my fluid inside you?”

“Oh yes, definitely! My bit always enjoys playing host to yours, although other bits are feeling a little jealous of the attention that bit got.”

“They needn’t worry,” He replies, “Those bits will be seen to later.”

We both laugh at our continued whimsy.

The alarm clock makes its presence known. Another day begins. Who says romance is dead?

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