The first submission

It was a ceremony of sorts; a symbol of trust and acceptance. A sign of my submission to Him.

As He sat, I stood before him, eyes downcast. Slowly I undressed, the removal of each item an acceptance of His claim over me.

Finally I stood, naked, offering myself to Him. Presenting myself to His scrutiny. He told me to turn around. I complied, letting Him study me, showing him the prize that was His.

“Kneel!” Master C demanded, ” You know what to do.”

I did as I was bid. I unbuckled His belt, unbuttoned and unzipped His jeans, reached inside His boxers and released His cock from its confinement.

I took His cock in my mouth, paying homage to it with my lips and tongue. I was determined to show Master C how diligent I could be in the performance of my duties. My mouth’s purpose was to please Him and I yearned to do my best.

As my service to Him brought Him to the point of no return, He pushed me from him. “Have I displeased you?” I asked.

“No, not at all, little one,” Master C replied, “I intend to mark you.”

He stroked his cock, His hand almost a blur. “I am claiming you, Morag,” he groaned, “I am marking you as mine. From this moment on, you are MY slut.”

His cock errupted. His cum sprayed over my face, it trickled down my neck, dribbling on to my boobs.

“Give me Your belt,” I asked in a small voice, His cum drying on my skin. He gave me an enquiring look. “Pass me Your belt Sir, it’s important,” I urged.

Master C slipped His belt from its stays and passed it to me. I accepted it and adopted a position of supplication, on my knees, my head bowed, my hands raised with His belt draped over them.

“I submit to You,” I said, “I submit to You and accept Your domination. I offer You this belt to use for my instruction and correction. I will accept Your discipline as You see fit to dispense it.”

Master C took the belt from my hands. I turned around as He folded it and cracked it sharply together.

I waited. The anticipation built. I heard the belt swish through the air. With a resounding smack, His leather kissed my arse. In that moment, I truly became His submissive and He became my Master. With that first stinging caress of hard leather on my soft skin, He made me His…

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Tongue lashings

As with all things sex, the range of talents displayed in the performance of cunnilingus range from “Was that it?” To “Oh God! Oh my fucking God! Oh fuck! OH FUCK! Yes! YES! FUCKING YESSSS!” Some rush at it, some luxuriate in it. I’m probably going to shatter a well held belief here; but in my opinion, women are not inherently better than men. Yes, I know I have a cunt and I know how it likes to be treated, but that’s just it; I know how my cunt likes to be treated. A woman going down on me for the first time has no more knowledge or experience of the way I like to be licked than a man in that same position does. Anyway, I digress…

In a way, I was lucky. I had about six months or so of “oral only” relationships before I discarded my virginity. I discovered very quickly that one way of ensuring I was on the receiving end of some pretty good cunnilingus was to have the guy go down on me first. Suck the guy off first and he pretty much lost interest as soon as he’d blown his load in my mouth, but promising him a blow-job after he’d seen to my needs always seemed to make a guy raise his game. He didn’t have to make me come, although nine times out of ten I would, but he did have to make an effort to pleasure me. My mouth was going nowhere his cock until I was thoroughly eaten out. The guys I went with at this stage quickly learned that the way to my mouth was through my cunt.

It was one particularly intense tongue lashing that led to me reward the guy in question by letting him take my virginity. He had always had a particular talent (it’s not generally a talent you associate with the teenage male, but he knew the more he put into his efforts, the more rewarding it would be for him). He knew how to take me slowly to boiling point and then keep me there. He knew when “Please, no more!” meant “Don’t even think about stopping!” and when it actually meant I really couldn’t take any more. And on that perfect late summer afternoon during half-term, a few weeks after my 15th birthday, having licked me and fingered me into a quivering mess of hot, sweaty, over-climaxed Morag, I begged him to fuck me; and fuck me he did.

In a similar way, Master C is one of those men that luxuriates in going down on a woman. For Him it is never a something to be performed perfunctorily, to be got out of the way quickly before moving on to the main event. For Master C, performing cunnilingus is an event in its own right. When He’s going down on me, that is what Master C is concentrating on. He’s licking me, teasing me, turning me on, taking me to the precipice again and again before, finally letting me come. Sometimes Master C can have me coming in virtually no time at all; at other times He can keep me on the edge for what seems like forever. Sometimes He’ll deliver a series of shudderingly sharp climaxes, at other times Master C builds me up gradually to one powerful finalé that leaves me utterly drained.

As I said, I’ve been extremely fortunate. I’ve known a couple of men who, like Master C and “The Other Guy”, put their heart and soul into the performance of cunnilingus; men who really know how to use their tongues to maximise the pleasure they give; men who take their pleasure from knowing how much I enjoy what their mouths are doing to me.

Most men know how to use their cocks, but a man who also knows how to use their tongue is truly special.


Three isn’t always a crowd

I’m not a mathematician, which is probably why I’ve never understood the concept that two into one doesn’t go.  In my experience, two go into one very nicely indeed, especially when the one in question is me.

Yes, I am, of course, talking about threesomes.

I had my first threesome when I was 18. Some time during the long summer break between leaving school and starting university. It involved “The Girl”, which, given all the things we got up to together in those days, and still do to this day, was almost inevitable, I guess.

The guy that she was “seeing” at the time had (apparently half-jokingly) suggested that he would be up for a threesome with her and her “hot ginger pal”.

Rather than being offended, “The Girl” had let it be known that the idea definitely appealed to her.

Knowing her as well as I did, I wasn’t shocked when she suggested it and, I’ll admit, I was more than a little curious. Later, as I had my head between her thighs and was feasting eagerly on her cunt, she clinched it for me by saying, “Just imagine what it would feel like to have a nice, big cock in you right now…”

And I did just that, imagine, albeit with my fingers pumping my cunt as I ate her out, and I came hard, trying to imagine my fingers being replaced by a nice, thick, juicy cock.

When the time finally came, I was nervous but as excited as hell.  After all, I reasoned to myself, I knew what a  cock feels like and I knew what “The Girl’s” cunt tastes like and I was simply going to be enjoying the best of both.

It’s fair to say I wasn’t disappointed (the fact that the guy in question, whom I shall call Gary, was generally proportioned was simply an added bonus).

Being fucked hard from behind by Gary, the force of his thrusts forcing my mouth against “The Girl’s” cunt was a huge turn on.  Having her beneath me, tonguing my clit as he fucked my cunt and arse was simply the most wonderful feeling I’d ever experienced. Licking “The Girl’s” clit and tasting her juices on his cock as Gary pounded her added a whole new level of sensation to something I’d done may times before.

All in all, it was the most intense and enjoyable sexual experience of my life up to that point and remains one of my most pleasant memories for when I’m indulging in a little me time.

The evening was a blur of three naked bodies, licking, sucking, fucking and coming together in all the ways three people can.  Gary fucked “The Girl” and me over and over.  We sucked his cock, rode his face and, in between loads, entertained him with our own special girl-on-girl shows while we waited for him to get hard again.  It was an experience “The Girl” and I were to enjoy a number of times over that summer, both with Gary and with a few other guys.

Of course, being a cock-hungry little slut like me, and having enjoyed the attention of a man and another woman, it was only ever going to be a matter of time before I experienced the sensation of being fucked by two cocks at the same time.

It was during Fresher’s Week. I’d had a few drinks and I was flirting outrageously with two guys. They were both pretty hot, a lot of fun and, more importantly, both seemed to be into me.  It sounds big-headed, but I knew I could have left with either one of them that night. The problem was, that in my less than sober, and extremely randy state, I really couldn’t choose between them. Ultimately, as it turned out, I ended up leaving with both of them and, funnily enough, neither of them seemed particularly put out that they weren’t getting me to themselves.

On the short walk back to their flat (it turned out they shared), I was, again, as nervous as hell but turned-on way above simply being aroused. I was in a state of wet-knickered anticipation and I just couldn’t wait for the two guys to give me a proper seeing-to..

When we got to their flat, I accepted some wine and proceeded to slowly strip for them.  I started things off by taking it in turns to suck their cocks. Before long, one of them was behind me, eating my cunt as I sucked on his friend’s cock.

I came, hard, very quickly, and one of the guys took this as his cue to up the ante and, before I could catch my breath or bring myself back under any sort of control, I found myself being spit-roasted; one cock in my cunt, another in my mouth and I was loving every second of it.

They took it in turns, fucking my cunt and fucking my mouth.  I fingered my clit furiously as they abused me. It was the dirtiest thing I’d ever done (for now, dirtier was to come later that evening) and I brought myself off several times as they attended to me.

Of course, my cunt wasn’t the only hole that saw attention from them, my arse took its fair share of poundings from both cocks.  Actually, I probably enjoyed that even more. Having my arse fucked as I sucked on a big fat cock really made me feel like a dirty slut and I loved every second of it.

It goes without saying that I insisted on condoms being worn whenever they were fucking my cunt and arse.  As a result, I ended up with quite a few loads of cum down my throat and sprayed over my boobs and face.  For me this just heightened the experience. Even at that tender (and by that stage of the proceedings I was decidedly tender) age , I’d discovered the joys of having cum dumped over me and the two cocks that were servicing me certainly produced enough to keep me more than happy.

With both of my holes stretched and tender, and with their cocks almost exhausted from the fucking and sucking the guys decided it was time for my grand finalé.  One of them  lay on his back, and I quickly straddled him, taking his cock in my cunt. A few seconds later, the other took position behind me and worked his cock into my arse.  It was sore, my arse was tender, my cunt was raw, but I loved every second of it.  I think the only thing that could possibly have made it even better would have been if I’d had a third cock to suck on (I told you I was a greedy slut) as they pounded my holes mercilessly.

It was fabulously filthy, deliciously dirty, supremely slutty.  I was being fucked like a filthy, cock hungry slut, a cock pounding at both holes.  I had never experienced anything like it before.  I knew what it felt like to have a cock in my cunt, I knew what it felt like to have a cock in my arse, from that, I’d tried to imagine what it would be like to have both at the same time, but my imagination had failed totally to come up with anything like the reality.

Of course, my ‘essay’ into the joys of three in a bed sex wouldn’t be complete without the possibility of some three girl action, and I suspect, for some readers, this is what they’ve actually been waiting for (go on, admit it…).

There’s something particularly nice about feasting on another girl’s cunt as you are having yours eaten out.  OK, so a 69 fits this bill, but bringing in an extra friend adds a little spice to things. Having separate mouths sucking simultaneously on your boobs while questing fingers bury themselves between your moist lower lips is, in my opinion, an experience to be savoured.  Having two tongues working their way up the insides of my thighs, slowly getting closer to my waiting cunt is a huge turn on.  Having a girl lower her cunt on to your face as another licks and fingers you is, well, mind blowing.

Toys can be employed to heighten the sensations; and then of course, there’s all those boobs… Let’s be honest, what’s not to enjoy?

Just because there are no men involved, doesn’t mean that it’s all girly girly and soft and slushy.  It can be like that, and it’s nice when it is, but it can be just as rough and as vigorous and satisfying, albeit in completely different ways, as it is when there are men around.

So which did I prefer? That’s a hard one.

Well, it probably come as no surprise to anyone that reads this blog that I probably enjoy them about equally, albeit for different reasons.

I’ll be honest, though, of the three scenarios above, the “least” enjoyable for me was the FFF. Much as I do enjoy fucking other woman, a FFF Threesome has one very important ingredient, i.e. cock. Yes, yous can be used, but nothing really comes close to  having a living, pulsing, throbbing cock, being wielded by a man in full-on rut inside you.

MFF allows me to have my cake and eat it, as it were. It indulges both sides of my sexuality at the same time. There is something wonderful about being fucked hard from behind while feasting on another woman’s cunt. The force of his strokes as he fucks me, driving my mouth against her. Or there’s the wonders of being in a 69 with her as his cock ploughs into her cunt, just above my nose, where I can just reach his cock with the tip of my tongue and taste her on his shaft. Then there’s the sharing of his cock with her; taking it in turns to suck him, kissing each other around the tip. The voyeur in me loves to watch the expressions on her face as she rides his cock or sits on his face while his tongue laps at her. And then, well there’s boobs too. Sucking on hers as he fuck or eats her, her sucking on mine as he fucks or eats me. It’s the heavenly combination of her softness and his firmness that really does it for me.

MMF allows me to be the greedy, cock hungry slut that I am. There is simply nothing quite like the experience of being bent over, having my lips wrapped around one deliciously thick cock while another pounds me in the cunt or arse. There’s the wonderful filthy, slutty feeling of having two cocks in me at the same time; filling me, fucking both my arse and cunt in tandem (I admit, this is a relatively new experience for me). And then there’s having two cocks to lick and stroke and suck; two loads of cum to swallow or take over my face, or boobs, or back. Nothing leaves me feeling more thoroughly fucked than having been taken by two men, being a slave to their desires, a selection of holes for them to use and abuse, an affirmation of my status as a filthy little slut.

Of course, the one thing that they all have in common is that unless Master C is one of the participants, they absolutely guarantee me some attention from his belt for being such a naughty little slut. I guess I win either way.

So, as the title says, I discovered that even if three can be a crowd, sometimes it’s a very pleasant crowd to be a part of.

Baring all

From snooker ball smooth to naturally wild and unkempt, and every variation in between, the way a woman chooses to style her pubis is a topic of much debate.

It’s fair to say, and I’m sure I’m not the only woman to whom this applies, that over the years I have had an off/on, and it’s fair to say mostly off, relationship with my pubic hair.

Being a (fairly) early developer, my pubes first made their appearance when I was 11. While in one sense this was quite exciting, it also caused me a fair amount of embarrassment on the grounds that I was the first girl in my year at school to reach ‘that’ stage of life (a fact that was apparent through the agency of communal changing facilities at swimming pools, the school gym, and other such places where circumstances dictated that I be naked in the presence of my peers). To say I came in for a fair amount of, albeit envious, teasing from my less developed contemporaries was an understatement.

My boobs had also began to develop but there wasn’t much I could do about that, especially given how quickly they ballooned, but my recently acquired soft curls, I could do something about. The solution was, of course, the razor. From then until I was 13, by which time almost all of my classmates had caught up with me, regularly de-fuzzing ‘downstairs’ became as much a part of routine as shaving my legs or under my arms and plucking my eyebrows. Fortunately, due to my hair being quite light in colour, once a week was generally sufficient for me to appear pre-pubescent to a casual glance and, at that age, the only person giving my cunt close attention was me… That said however, then even as now, I much preferred the way I felt when I was completely smooth. Whether it be shaved or waxed, nothing beats a freshly de-fuzzed mound for sensitivity.

Once I was 13, the balance had swung firmly back in the direction of pubic hair and, although I’ve already mentioned how much I liked my smooth self, I allowed myself to go au naturale with a certain amount of relief.

It was a relief that was tempered by the fact that, while it grew back in, it itched like hell. I came close to giving up on a number of occasions, and reverting to the smooth me but I persevered (ironic really, all things considered) until the future playing field was fully re-turfed.

I don’t know if it was because of my shaving regime or not, but, although soft, my pubic covering was fairly thick. Fortunately, due to some quirk of my genetic make up, it was never uncontrollably wild. It was certainly never as bushy as that of many other girls.

All in all, I came to love my soft, luxuriant curls. Running my fingers through them became as much a part of my self-play as actually playing with my clit or fingering my cunt.

And so it was until I was 15. The next change, of course, came about as a result of my discovery of oral sex and having my fingers supplemented by my then boyfriend’s (and one very special girlfriend’s) tongue.

As soon as I’d experienced a tongue between my lower lips, it’s fair to say, I became addicted and, luckily, the guy in question was more than happy to provide me with my regular fix. Much as he clearly enjoyed what he was doing (and the reciprocation from me by way of thanks for his efforts) there was always the ‘problem’ of him getting a mouthful of hair and getting stray ones stuck in his mouth and struggling (we’ve all been there) to remove the offending things. The solution to the problem of ‘nature’s dental-floss’ was presented to me by that particular girlfriend the first time I went down on her. She, you see, had hers neatly trimmed and, while that didn’t entirely eliminate the issue, it did reduce it substantially, so I decided to adopt the same approach.

My new look was a huge hit with my boyfriend at the time. So much of a hit, in fact, that the very first time he saw it, also coincided with the loss of my somewhat dubious virginity

The next step on the evolutionary path was, of course, the bikini wax. While I wasn’t averse to removing the excess around the edges with my razor, waxing was a revelation simply because, despite the initial discomfort (oh, OK, pain; yes, PAIN!), the results lasted a lot longer. Over the next 18 months or so, I experimented with different styles, from just a little off the sides to leaving just a small ‘landing-strip’. One day I finally plucked (no pun intended) up the courage to go the whole hog. To say that the guy I was currently fucking was impressed when he unwrapped me for the first time was, probably, an understatement. He spent so long down there with his mouth and fingers, I thought I was never going to feel his cock inside me. Suffice to say, eventually I did, and I thoroughly enjoyed its attentions; repeatedly as it turned out.

It’s worth noting that due to Him being particularly hirsute, Master C actually trims His pubic hair fairly short too, bless Him. We women are no more fans of nature’s dental-floss than men are after all, and the sensations of His coarse, short trimmed pubes against my bare clit and smooth lower lips are simply heavenly.

Nowadays , my basic style is to keep my lips smooth (since his mouth spends so much time down there, it reduces the risk of stray hairs getting in the way), while my mound is kept trimmed short and tidy. Sometimes I’ll fashion it into a neat triangle. On other occasions, as mentioned above, I’ll go for a narrow ‘landing-strip’. Sometimes, it’ll piss me off and I’ll shave it all off and start again.

The thing is, how I style it (or not) is my choice, and I like to surprise Master C  with what He finds when He gets my knickers off.

The smooth, pre-pubescent look seems to be very much in vogue these days. Porn seems to dictate that the only hair we women should have is on our heads. There is almost a pressure on women to conform to this “norm”.

The thing is though, pubic hair is natural and keeping yourself unnaturally smooth can be a hassle, and if you wax, is, as alluded to already, bloody painful.

How anyone chooses to style their pubic hair should always be their choice, it should never be something they are coerced into simply to satisfy someone else’s preferences. If a partner can’t handle pubic hair, then they clearly aren’t mature enough to be going anywhere near that region.

As I said above, there are times when I choose to go smooth. I like variety. However I choose to style my pubic region, though, is my choice and, in all honesty, I love the way my cunt looks when it is neatly tended to.

So ladies, if you want to go smooth, go right ahead. If you want to keep your curls, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. At the end of the day, our cunts are ours and ours alone, we simply allow our partners temporary use of them. How we choose to style them, or not, is nobody’s business but our own.

The one thing I have discovered is that the secret of a good waxing is proper moisturising afterwards. Based on past experience, I’m almost certain that Master C, “The Other Guy” and “The Girl” will do their very best to ensure the whole area is very thoroughly moisturised…

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