Almost limitless

When it comes to sex, I’ve always had a fairly “anything goes” attitude. I’ve always been willing to try new things, I like to experiment, I like to have my boundaries pushed.

There is a difference, I think, between boundaries and limits. My boundaries have definitely expanded since I started on my sexual journey. My natural curiosity led me to try (and enjoy as it turned out) things like anal, sex with other women, group-sex, bondage, swinging, etc. I’ve had casual sex with both men and women, I get off on risky situations such as sex in fairly public place where there is a risk (to varying degrees) of getting caught. In my student days, I once even caught a night bus back from a club with a guy’s cum (albeit dried by the time the bus finally showed up) all over my face.

There is a thrill of trying new things, of experiencing new sensations in different circumstances. Far from being limits, my boundaries are simply things I haven’t tried. Some I have actively wanted to do, some I was less keen on trying, and some, up until I found myself doing them, I hadn’t even considered.

There are, however, a few things that I won’t do.

Anything involving scat/urine/blood is out.  While I have no problem (massive understatement) with anal, rimming is something I won’t do. Similarly, if a cock has been in my arse, even though a condom has been worn, it isn’t going anywhere else until it has had a bloody good wash.

One final thing: needles.  I have a pathological fear of them. I even have to get knocked out when I go to the dentist. So, they are an absolute no-no.

I don’t really have many limits, and those that I have are definitely hard, and, have remained constant from the very start.

Apart from those, as I said at the start, anything goes.

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Silk scarves

For some women it’s shoes, for others, it’s handbags, for me, while I am not immune to the female attraction of such items, it’s silk scarves. To say I have a bit of a thing for them is an understatement; I currently have about 300.

I was given my first one by my Italian grandmother then I was 12. It is still one of my absolute favourites. Since then, they have been an almost ubiquitous part of my attire. If you have ever met me, then unless I was wearing a swimsuit/bikini, or it was some other situation where I was skimpily attired, then the chances are, I will almost certainly have been wearing one.

As well as being part of my wardrobe, since embracing my submissive side, my scarves also feature quite regularly in my sex life. They can be used to restrain me; binding my wrists and/or ankles. They can be used to gag me. They can be used to blindfold me, they can be used to choke me.

They also have another very practical use. Should Master C be particularly rough, the scarf can also hide the belt marks on my neck.

So, as you can see, the humble silk scarf can be very versatile indeed…