Say “please”

I must confess, the current prompt on the No True Way site made me chuckle:

“A Dom doesn’t need to ever use the word

I suspect, like many couples, whether their relationship be D/s or vanilla (or anywhere in between), use of “please” in everyday discourse is taken as implied. I don’t ask Master C if He would please pop out to the shop for milk/eggs, etc. or if He would please pick up such and such when He is in town. The same is also true in reverse; Master C won’t ask me to please take a letter to the post office, or please pick up a bottle of wine on my way home. In these instances, the “please” is understood without ever being spoken. About the only time, outside of a sex/kink context, you will ever here either of us, and by which I mean Master C, use the word please, is when it’s done in exasperation, e.g. “For fuck sake, Mo, would you please stop leaving things on the stairs for me to trip over, are you trying to kill me?” or “please can you not leave piles of newspaper absolutely everywhere?” You may, quite correctly, assume from this that I can be quite an untidy person and it does, on occasion, drive Master C to despair and sometimes, if I’m really lucky, to drive Him to put me over His knee; but I digress…

When it comes to sex/kink, however, it is usually down to me to say “please”. Master C may instruct me to bend over, or  get undressed, or suck His cock; He may tell me that He intends to thrash me, or fuck my arse. His wants are almost always expressed as commands or instructions. My needs and wants are, however, almost always expressed as a form of question, e.g. “please may I suck Sir’s cock?” or “please can Sir fuck me?”

In this sense, it is I, as the submissive that “has” to say “please”; Master C merely needs to make His particular need/want known to me and that is sufficient. In this context, there is no need for Him to ask, He simply tells me how He intends me to be used or what He requires me to do.

There is an exception to this, however, that I find particularly hot. Sometimes Master C will phrase His instructions in the form of a question, e.g. “Will you please assume the position so I can thrash you?”, or “Please brace yourself against the worktop so I can fuck you hard from behind,” or “Please behave yourself appropriately if you want to be allowed to come tonight.” There is something about the way that when Master C phrases His instructions/demands in this way that makes me powerless to resist; the use of “please” in this context, rather than making them weak, makes them more formal and enforces the need for compliance on my part.

So, from my perspective, there is never any need for Master C to say please. Within the context of our dynamic, He always has the freedom to take whatever pleasure He wants from me and to use me in whatever way He sees fit. Having said that, judicious use of “please” adds an extra something, an air of gentlemanly formality that makes me want to obey Him and please Him, even more than I already always do.

Used sparingly, “please” is a very powerful weapon in Master C’s arsenal.

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4 thoughts on “Say “please”

  1. Christian_who February 25, 2021 / 12:35

    That’s a very smart consideration.
    It’s nice how reflective you are.


    • Mòrag February 25, 2021 / 14:23

      It’s always good when you can take a look at your relationship/dynamic from a different angle/perspective, and what that can bring into focus.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. David Mei March 7, 2021 / 17:15

    It is interesting the use of the word please.
    Kitten and I outside the bedroom use please a lot like you and Mr C. It is implied. Although with littles in the house we like to use please as common courtesy to teach by example. “Would/could you please…” is the only way I can ask the kids to do anything. I am not their parent and I do not have the right to order only politely request.

    I have been married to three women in one form or another. My Ex, my wife, and unofficially My Kitten. (my wife is intentionally left lower case. It is a business relationship now not marital. Long story a separate blog someday. )

    I knew I was in trouble with my wife when she insisted that what had been ok to be implied in the past is now never to be considered implied.

    It was just another indication that something had changed. Unfortunately irretrievably.
    I am now very cautious to listen how words are used and when confused I ask My Kitten what she thinks and feels and try not to assume. (I am an apologetic Dom)


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