TMI Tuesday – Would You Rather…?

1. Would you rather go on holidays to the beach with no bathers or in the mountains with no jacket?
Well this rather depends on the time of year (and possibly the location of the beach in question). Being Scottish, and growing up in the Highlands, I’ve been in mountains without a jacket many times (in the summer), I definitely wouldn’t want to do it in winter. Having frequented any number of beaches in the Mediterranean where beachwear is “optional”, I’m certainly no stranger to being on a beach wearing nothing more than sun cream, so on the assumption that I am on a warm beach enjoying the summer sun, and not on one of the local beaches looking out over the Ailsa Craig, I’ll pick the beach.

2. Would you rather not be able to eat chocolate for a year or have to eat your least favourite vegetable every day for a month?
I know mushrooms aren’t strictly a vegetable, but they absolutely give me the boak, so if giving up chocolate for a year was the price I had to pay to avoid having to eat them, I’d pay it willingly (and probably consider it a bargain)

3. Would you rather only be able to have sex for five minute increments on any given day for a year or only be able to have sex for five hour increments the rest of your life?
Much as I enjoy the occasional nice long session that lasts all afternoon and evening, if that were the only option, I suspect it would lose its appeal and, ultimately, would mean not having sex very often (if only because there would be no time to get anything else done). So while it is far from idea, the five minute increments whenever I like wins it for me.

4. Would you rather not be allowed to touch your partner’s genitals except with your own or have the reverse applied to them?
This is the toughest one of all essentially comes down to whether I’d be more willing to give up giving blow-jobs, or give up having a tongue or fingers on my clit. Now, I love being on the end of a good tongue-lashing, but as I’ve attested to many times on hear, I absolutely love sucking cock. So, with that in mind, I would reluctantly, and with a heavy heart, have to only allow Master C’s cock to pleasure me, just so that I can continue to let my mouth pleasure him. I suspect, He would probably agree to this almost as reluctantly as I would, as I know how much He enjoys using His tongue to edge me.

5. Would you rather go on a hike barefooted or spend the day at a water park fully clothed?
Wouldn’t catch me dead at a water park anyway, so I’m happy to hike barefoot. Assuming the ground is dry, I actually love the feeling of moss and leaves underfoot anyway. Do I get bonus points if I get to wander naked through the woods?

Bonus: Would you rather receive an alert every time your parents have sex or have your kids alerted every time YOU have sex?
This is kind of theoretical in that I don’t have kids and my parents are in their late 70s. Assuming I did have kids any I had, would probably be in their early to mid-20s and, almost certainly having more sex than my parents. That being the case I think I’d rather have the occasional warning if/when my parents got jiggy that having it go off constantly depending on how many sexually active offspring I had.

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