Cadged, benched and the sweet release of subspace

I’ve mentioned the cage before; about how it can be a place of punishment, and how it can be a place of retreat where I communicate my need of support. Last night, for reasons I won’t bore you with, it was most definitely the latter.

The process is simple: I finished work, logged off from my PC, undressed, closed myself into the cage, curled up and waited for Master C to discover me there.

I don’t know how long I was confined; time within the cage has its own special duration, it’s a kind of limbo where time has no meaning until I’m released.

“Is my little one feeling delicate?” Master C enquired softly on finding me confined.

I nodded. “Yes Sir,” I replied meekly, eyes downcast.

He left momentarily before returning; my collar and lead in one hand and a pair of cuffs on the other. “I think I know exactly what might help,” He said as He opened the cage and helped me out.

“Turn around!” a gentle command. I did as Master C bid me. The cuffs fastened around my wrists behind my back. The collar went around my neck and he fastened it tight. Attaching the lead. He turned me around, kissed me tenderly on the lips. “You know where to go,” He said.

I did. I know how this goes, but I still get a thrill of anticipation. “Yes Sir!” I replied.

“Well, lead the way then,” He said, giving my arse a playful swat.

I walked slowly thought to our playroom. In the middle of the room stood the bench. I glanced a coy look back of my shoulder. He nodded.

I walked up to the bench then bent over, my legs spread. Master C fastened the leather restraints around my ankles and then the side restraints went over my arms and fastened between my shoulder blades, holding me tightly in place. and then, I waited.

I waited while he pondered what implement to use. I flinched each time I heard a swoosh of air, only for flogger, or His belt, or the cane to land on the desk. I didn’t care which He used on me; any of them would hurt, any of them would begin my journey. I waited.

I waited, and the anticipation grew. I waited as he walked around me, scrutinising me, flexing the cane, or snapping the folds of his belt together in front of my face. I waited.

Again, that state of limbo, the passage of time meaningless. I waited.

SMACK! his belt struck across my arse. I cried out, as the stinging heat spread across my buttocks. SMACK! harder this time, or so it seemed. SMACK! harder still. His belt crisscrossed my buttocks; the intensity of each kiss adding to the fire of those that preceded it.

Hot tears fell from my eyes. Cries of pain were torn from my throat. His belt was merciless, His belt was harsh, His belt was unrelenting, His belt was just what I needed.

I didn’t count the lashes. This wasn’t a punishment where I needed to keep track, this was a centring, a rebalancing. My tears, my cries and my reddening skin were all that Master C needed to determine when I had reached the next stage.

Mt restraints were briefly undone. Master C repositioned me on my back, my head tilted back over the edge of the bench. The restraints were refastened, tighter; the one around my chest squashing my boobs and constricting my breathing. Slowly, Master C buckled his belt around my neck between my chin and my collar.

Tears still stung in my eyes, but I could see his lovely thick cock was hard. He slapped my face. “Open your mouth, slut! I’m going to fuck your throat.”

The words were what I needed to hear, and His cock was what I wanted to have. This wasn’t a blow-job, this wasn’t me worshiping His cock, lavishing attention on it; this was Master C fucking my throat, treating my mouth like just another hole.

He fucked me hard, rough, without mercy. I chocked and spluttered as He drove His cock down my neck; gasping for breath as He tightened His belt around neck. In… Out… In… Out… Again and again, over and over. The pressure around my neck making it almost impossible to breath around his cock.

Occasionally he would pull out fully, allowing me a few gasping breaths down my tortured throat before beginning again.

I was losing myself. I was become nothing more than something for Him to use.

Time stopped. The pain in my buttocks seemed to melt away, my jaw no longer ached. Tears still streamed from my eyes, but I barely noticed. This was it. This was that transcendent moment where nothing mattered, I just let myself go and get carried along on the current.

He came. Not down my throat, but across my boobs. I barely felt it, the fire burning in my veins was all consuming.

And then… And then… and then His tongue on my clit, His hands rubbing His cim into my boobs as He feasted on me.

My back tried to arch as I came for the first time. The restraints holding me firmly in place seemed to intensify the power of my climax. I cried a long, silent scream of release, my raw throat unable to produce sound. His fingers inside my cunt, His tongue on my clit, the pain, the power of my release. I was lost, powerless to respond. My consciousness seemed to float outside my body; I was a disembodied observer, watching on with fascination as Master C’s tongue and fingers relentlessly pushed my body beyond any last remaining iota of endurance.

Again, that timeless limbo, accompanied this time by a detachment from reality. How long had He kept me there? I’ve no idea.

The restraints were gone, soothing balm applied to my buttocks numbed the sensation of the soft sheets beneath me, the soft pillow beneath my head as Master C stroked my hair from my face, kissed me tenderly on the lips and slid into me.

He took me, slowly, languidly, but thoroughly. Never losing control, never allowing Himself to surrender to His inner primal animal self. This fuck was for me, to restore me, to bring me back to myself. I found my body responding to His, increasingly moving in harmony. I found the strength to raise my arms, to lift my hands to his buttocks, to slowly squeeze my fingers into his taut, firm flesh to let Him know that He didn’t need to be quite so considerate. I managed a very hoarse whisper. “Fuck me Sir! Your little slut needs to be fucked.”

He smiled down at me and thrust harder. I smiled back then closed my eyes, savouring His firmness inside me, His body on mine. Firm, yet gentle, strong, yet sensual, considerate, but always Dominant, He took me, He fucked me, He rebuilt me and made me whole again.

I came, feeling sore but secure beneath Him. And then, at last Master C came inside me and my worries and cares were banished again.

We had another slow, leisurely fuck this morning and, sore arse and slightly raw throat not withstanding, I’m feeling much more positive today.

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17 thoughts on “Cadged, benched and the sweet release of subspace

  1. minnie January 19, 2021 / 18:36

    Great post. Great writing.
    This is what I need right now. I need to be reset.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mòrag January 19, 2021 / 20:06

      Thank you. I’ve been finding I need “resets” like this a lot more frequently of late. It’s become a big part of my coping strategy.

      Liked by 3 people

      • minnie January 19, 2021 / 20:54

        Yeah, I hear ya. I’m in the same place, but struggle with asking for them. Like asking for help, it’s not something I commonly do. I’m working through it with my Master, trying to develop asking strategies. 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

        • Mòrag January 20, 2021 / 10:06

          We’ve kind of worked ours out over our years together, but if I voluntarily retreat to the cage, that is a very definite non-vocal sign that I have some very deep needs.

          Liked by 2 people

  2. collaredmichael January 20, 2021 / 15:32

    Curious, how large is your cage?


    • Mòrag January 20, 2021 / 15:45

      Not sure of the exact measurements but if I pull my knees back to my chest, I can pretty much sit upright (albeit, it’s a squeeze).

      Liked by 1 person

  3. David Mei January 21, 2021 / 13:55

    In these dark days of winter, release is imperative. Lovely scene, well written. I never liked the cage but when I think of how for my dogs the kennel has always been a safe place it makes sense that for some it has a similar function. Thank you for showing me another side. There is strength in your submission.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mòrag January 21, 2021 / 18:44

      My relationship with the cage is a complex one. While it is somewhere I may retreat to when I am in particular need of care and comfort, it is never, itself, a place or source of comfort. It is always a form of punishment, wwhether iit be Master C that sends me to it, or just life itself. It is the aftercare that follows a period of encagement that is what is important. When I retreat to the cage “voluntarily” it is letting Master C know that I am in a particularly fragile state and that his care and support is very definitely needed.

      Liked by 1 person

      • David Mei January 22, 2021 / 02:46

        Good communication tool for the two of you. I enjoy reading your accounts. Relationships are as varied as the combinations of folk who are involved. No two exactly alike and always changing.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. missy February 13, 2021 / 07:53

    Oh wow. I found reading this so interesting. I have never thought about a cage and using one in this way but I totally see how effective it can be and love the way you use it to communicate what you need. Your explanation of what followed next seemed to describe what I have tried so often to do and you did it brilliantly. Thank you. Missy x


    • Mòrag February 13, 2021 / 11:32

      Thank you. However the cage is used, be it as a punishment or as a signal, it is always very much an “extreme”; it signifies something that words alone cannot express. I can be, and often am very needy, but when I retreat to the cage like this, it goes so much deeper than need alone.

      Liked by 1 person

      • missy February 13, 2021 / 11:34

        It is a really interesting idea but for us with a family I don’t know that we would get away with it. More of a fantasy for me I think. Ooooo do I have some cage envy? 😉


  5. HisLordship February 13, 2021 / 11:14

    Well that certainly delayed me from shovelling snow this morning! Loved the flow from deconstruction to rebulid! Very hot too!


    • Mòrag February 13, 2021 / 11:34

      Thank you. That sums it up very succinctly. Sometimes I need to be broken down and fully rebuilt. This is one of the ways Master C achieves this.


    • Mòrag February 14, 2021 / 14:14

      Thank you so much for this. It really means a lot.


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