Tongue lashings

As with all things sex, the range of talents displayed in the performance of cunnilingus range from “Was that it?” To “Oh God! Oh my fucking God! Oh fuck! OH FUCK! Yes! YES! FUCKING YESSSS!” Some rush at it, some luxuriate in it. I’m probably going to shatter a well held belief here; but in my opinion, women are not inherently better than men. Yes, I know I have a cunt and I know how it likes to be treated, but that’s just it; I know how my cunt likes to be treated. A woman going down on me for the first time has no more knowledge or experience of the way I like to be licked than a man in that same position does. Anyway, I digress…

In a way, I was lucky. I had about six months or so of “oral only” relationships before I discarded my virginity. I discovered very quickly that one way of ensuring I was on the receiving end of some pretty good cunnilingus was to have the guy go down on me first. Suck the guy off first and he pretty much lost interest as soon as he’d blown his load in my mouth, but promising him a blow-job after he’d seen to my needs always seemed to make a guy raise his game. He didn’t have to make me come, although nine times out of ten I would, but he did have to make an effort to pleasure me. My mouth was going nowhere his cock until I was thoroughly eaten out. The guys I went with at this stage quickly learned that the way to my mouth was through my cunt.

It was one particularly intense tongue lashing that led to me reward the guy in question by letting him take my virginity. He had always had a particular talent (it’s not generally a talent you associate with the teenage male, but he knew the more he put into his efforts, the more rewarding it would be for him). He knew how to take me slowly to boiling point and then keep me there. He knew when “Please, no more!” meant “Don’t even think about stopping!” and when it actually meant I really couldn’t take any more. And on that perfect late summer afternoon during half-term, a few weeks after my 15th birthday, having licked me and fingered me into a quivering mess of hot, sweaty, over-climaxed Morag, I begged him to fuck me; and fuck me he did.

In a similar way, Master C is one of those men that luxuriates in going down on a woman. For Him it is never a something to be performed perfunctorily, to be got out of the way quickly before moving on to the main event. For Master C, performing cunnilingus is an event in its own right. When He’s going down on me, that is what Master C is concentrating on. He’s licking me, teasing me, turning me on, taking me to the precipice again and again before, finally letting me come. Sometimes Master C can have me coming in virtually no time at all; at other times He can keep me on the edge for what seems like forever. Sometimes He’ll deliver a series of shudderingly sharp climaxes, at other times Master C builds me up gradually to one powerful finalé that leaves me utterly drained.

As I said, I’ve been extremely fortunate. I’ve known a couple of men who, like Master C and “The Other Guy”, put their heart and soul into the performance of cunnilingus; men who really know how to use their tongues to maximise the pleasure they give; men who take their pleasure from knowing how much I enjoy what their mouths are doing to me.

Most men know how to use their cocks, but a man who also knows how to use their tongue is truly special.


8 thoughts on “Tongue lashings

  1. JerBear July 29, 2019 / 15:25

    I enjoy reading your takes on all matters sexual in nature. You have a style of writing that reads like you are chatting with a close friend. It always pulls me right in. Thank you.


  2. missy July 29, 2019 / 23:02

    This was a really enjoyable piece to read and I agree with so much of what you have written. It wasn’t something I used to enjoy that much before but you are right that a man who is good with his tongue is hard to beat 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. jupitergrant August 1, 2019 / 17:33

    Amen to that! I wish I’d thought of a quid pro quo when I was younger. I used to go down on my boyfriends all the time, but rarely got more than a cursory lick myself 😞 Fortunately, things picked up in the later years! 😌😉


  4. askmefast August 2, 2019 / 15:44

    I love discovering new bloggers that resonate with me. I have to agree with you that “performing cunnilingus is an event in its own right”. I find that there is so much going on when you go down on a woman, a delicious sensory overload for me.


  5. Ria Restrepo August 3, 2019 / 03:34

    I love this post, and agree with much of it! Thanks for sharing! 😉


  6. Kayla Lords August 7, 2019 / 21:33

    JB also luxuriates in oral, and I love that he loves it so. 🙂


  7. Nero Black August 19, 2019 / 23:53

    I’m over 50 and I believe my age group were slow to get onto the cunnilingus train in their youth (so I’m told by various sex bloggers) but not me. I guess I was lucky – when I was young I wanted to try it out and the first experience was fantastic. As were all the rest. I’ve never met a wet a juicy cunt that didn’t taste awesome, and I’ve loved making women squirm ever since.
    If that sound like bragging I’m not, I just don’t understand why some guys don’t do it. Nor have I understood why are women don’t apply your technique: make him go down first, then he gets his. Your points are spot on.


  8. Old Mike August 25, 2019 / 10:42

    Thanks for such a thought provoking piece – just wish I had read it 3 days ago! Despite being in my 60s I had never ejaculated in a woman’s mouth but had arranged a date last Friday with a woman who was willing to oblige – she swallowed but I never thought to ask what it tasted like!
    PS – i did spend some time licking and sucking her cunt and either she is a damn fine actress or she had an orgasm so at least I got that right


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