Bad sex

It’s pretty much accepted that bad is the opposite of good. This definition implies that the thing that is “bad” is somehow deficient, substandard, of poor quality and unsatisfactory. Now I’m no different from any other woman and, if we’re being honest, we’ve all had sexual encounters that fit the above description.

I know I could recount any of a number of disappointing fucks, and worse still, non-fucks for this feature. The trouble is, the telling of them would almost be as disappointing as the experiences were themselves.

So I decided to attempt to come at the topic more laterally than literally. What if there was another definition of bad that I could use?

Well, being naughty is being bad, isn’t it? Anyone who reads this blog will know that I have a penchant for naughtiness. The only problem was which story to recount? I hope you enjoy the one I’ve settled on.

It was a Sunday and Master C and I were enjoying an extended lie in. His attentions were beginning to take a more amorous turn when the phone rang. It was my mum. Normally I wouldn’t answer, but since I was intent on enjoying my lie in, I decided it was better to answer now, before things got intense, than to risk her deciding to pop round while I was in the process of being soundly seen to.

“Hello, mum… No I’m fine… He’s fine too… No really, you’re not interrupting… Really…” and so on.

Master C, however, was not to be thwarted. His hand slide up my thigh and His fingers lightly brushed my lower lips. I pushed His hand away with a slightly irritated “Get off!”

“What was that dear?”

“No mum, you’re really not interrupting, it was just the cat jumping on me.”

I glared at Master C. He stuck His tongue out. He clearly wasn’t going to be deterred. Smiling wickedly, He continued to tease me as my mum made small talk in my ear.

I could feel my body respond as His fingers stoked, probed, and teased. I had to concentrate every effort to keep my voice sounding natural.

I let out an involuntary “Umf!” as He pushed a finger up inside.

“That wasn’t the cat again was it dear?”

“Um, yes. The bloody animal is being a proper bloody pest.”

I closed my eyes, grinding my cunt against His hand, pushing my hips forward to force His finger deeper inside me.

In my defense, it was quite easy to keep up the pretense of a normal conversation. My mum is a stream of consciousness when she is on the phone and all I really had to do my make sure I interjected from time to time with the odd “Yes” or “No” or “Mmmm hmmm”. So long as she did ask me anything that required extended articulation, I was quite safe.

At that point Master C decided to up the ante. He slid down the bed, positioned Himself between my legs, applied His mouth to my cunt and proceeded to feast.


Did I want Master C to stop? No I didn’t. The naughtiness of the situation, my mum rabbitting on in my ear, completely unaware while His tongue lashed my clit made the situation so unbearably arousing.

As the sensations grew, I was helpless to prevent a soft moan from escaping. I managed, somewhat convincingly I thought, to turn it into something sounding like a yawn.

“That’ll be that man and of yours keeping you up past your bedtime again, I assume,” she commented in a knowingly, joking, one woman to another fashion.

“Uh, er, yes mum.” If she only knew; if she only really knew.

The pressure for release was becoming unbearable. I needed to come, but before I could do that, I needed to get my mum off the phone. I wracked my endorphin soaked brain for a reason to end the call.

“Mum, um, look, um, I’m sorry but I’m, uh absolutely bursting. I um, ah, have to go. See you this, ah, evening, ok?” It was the best I could manage.

“Ok dear, won’t keep you. Have a nice afternoon.”

“Yes mum, we will,” get off the phone, please.

“And give my love to…”

“I will,” will you please get off the fucking phone?

“See you later.”

“Mmmm, yes, later,” gripping the edge of the mattress with my free hand.

“Bye, Morag love.”

“Bye mum.”

I hang up and drop the phone. Master C reached up and grabbed my nipples as His tongue beat on my clit.

I can take no more. “Fuck yesssss!” I scream, releasing the pent up tension and frustration. My back arches off the bed, my body shakes as I am gripped by the mother, father aunt and uncle of all climaxes.

When I come back down, Master C smiles at me; His cock is hard and swollen. Part of me wants to deny Him, to punish Him for the torture He subjected me to, but how can I not thank him for an orgasm that intense.

“If you want me to suck that, you’re going to have to come up here, I haven’t the energy to move.”

Smiling, Master C moved back up the bed. I turned my head towards Him. He slipped His lovely thick, hard cock between my lips.

Master C is sometimes very naughty; and if naughty is bad, then this was very bad sex indeed.

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