Throat fucked

I’m naked, restrained, blindfolded, my head bent backwards over the edge of the bed. My arse still stings from the lashing of Master C’s belt. My nipples throb painfully as the pegs dig into them, holding them erect.

The head of Master C’s cock presses against my lips. “Open wide, slut, I’m going to fuck your throat now,” He commands.

Barely waiting for me to comply, He forces His cock between my lips, into my mouth until the head lodges in my throat; His balls slap against the bridge of my nose. Without a pause to allow me to accustom myself to his presence, Master C begins to move.

He fucks my mouth with deep, hard thrusts, driving His wonderful cock as far as it will go. I choke around it. Master C laughs, telling me that a well trained slut like me should be able to do much better before fucking my mouth harder.

My cunt is growing increasingly wet with every stroke of His cock. Master C reaches forward to squeeze the pegs on my nipples, increasing the pressure, increasing the pain. I try to cry out, opening my mouth wider, but He simply takes this as an invitation to  push in harder.

His hands move up from my nipples to my neck. His thumbs press down; gently but firmly; pushing down against the thickness of His cock through my skin.

My throat is raw. My nipples ache. My clit throbs. The cloth around my eyes grows increasingly damp as my tears soak into it.

Again I choke. Again Master C chides me. His balls slap against me as He stabs His cock between my lips. He feels so thick, so hard; His cock goes so deep.

I struggle for breath as Master C increases the pressure on my neck. The extra tightness makes His cock feel even thicker in my throat. It feels so good, knowing that He is using me for His pleasure, that He is treating my mouth simply as a hole to be fucked.

“Filthy slut!” Master C moans. “You are my filthy little slut!” Each word is punctuated by a sharp thrust of His gorgeous cock filling my airway. I feel myself becoming increasingly lightheaded through lack of air.

And then, suddenly He is gone. As I gulp for breath I feel the warm, stickiness of His cum on my skin as Master C unloads over my neck and boobs.

His cock returns to my lips as He feeds me the last drops of His cum; my reward for being His slut.

Master C removes the pegs from my nipples. I sob with relief and then, as He begins to rub His cum over them, I feel my climax ignite.

Arching my back as much as my restraints will let me, I shiver convulsively as my cunt contracts, my womb pulses, and waves of pleasure wash over and through me.

I know it won’t be my only orgasm.  I know that once Master C is hard again, He will fuck my cunt and possibly my arse just as hard as He fucked my throat.

For now, however, I am happy to wait.

One thought on “Throat fucked

  1. Luke Atkins January 22, 2018 / 09:09

    Holy shit can I be Mr. C’s new well trained slut? Plzzzzzzz I’ll do ANYTHING for cock ❤


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