Party night

I’m going out tonight. It’s not actually a Christmas night out, but a friend’s 40th birthday. It will be messy, and I am under strict instructions from Master C to “enjoy myself”.

This instruction was given to me when He popped in briefly after work to get changed before heading out to a Christmas drinks reception, and delivered while I was bent over, wearing nothing but my stockings, with His cock pounding my cunt.

It was quite plain that Master C was marking His territory; fucking His slut ahead of anyone else, making sure my cunt is fucked and ready to be fucked again.

He took great pains to explain how He was “letting me off the leash” and how He expected me to be a “good little slut” and how I should “make Him proud”. Master C told me all this as He fucked me, His cock pounding me, his strong hand pulling my head sharply back by the hair while emphasising His instructions with a serious of stinging slaps to my arse.

When Master C came, He spun me around and shot His load over my boobs before instructing me to rub it in as I sucked the last drops of cum from His cock.

Once His cum had dried, Master C assisted in selecting my outfit for tonight. A lacy black bra with just a hint of lift to fully show off my cum encrusted boobs, a low cut dress that He particularly likes, a pair of mid-calf boots and, of course, no knickers (because a good slut doesn’t need them).

Once dressed, I was required to suck Master C‘s cock  as a “thank you” for being allowed to indulge my sluttiness, and was rewarded with a nice sized load of cum to savour and swallow. My first of the night.

Now I’m on a bus, on my way to meet my friends. My Cunt is wet and I’m looking forward to getting it filled again. Every now and then, I catch a faint whiff of Master C‘s cum, even over my perfume, and my cunt grows warmer and wetter still.

I’m as randy as hell, gagging for another fuck, and really looking forward to the rest of the evening. Almost as much as I’m looking forward to my debriefing and punishment tomorrow…

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