When I touch myself

What goes through my head when I touch myself?

So many things, so many images.

Sometimes it’s a girl stroking my clit with her tongue, gently fucking me with her fingers. Sometimes it’s a guy, fucking me hard and deep, his thick cock filling me.

Sometimes I do nothing more than concentrate on the sensations; a combination of masturbation and meditation.

The thing is, the imagery isn’t really important, it’s the sensations that matter; the warm aroused feeling that spreads through me, the pulsing of my cunt and womb as the sensations become ever more intense, the throbbing of my clit as my fingers press against it.

The image in my head, a stray naughty thought, a particular feeling can give my response a context, a focus, pushing me to the edge.

When I come, the sensations consume all else. I am no longer thinking, I am no longer imagining, I am simply experiencing. My orgasm is all there is and I am at the eye of its storm, helpless in its grip as it takes me where it will.

That’s what happens when I touch myself…

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2 thoughts on “When I touch myself

  1. MrsK March 29, 2021 / 14:47

    Like you I also think of many different things. It keeps it interesting as I’m not one for repeat performances.lol
    But ai really like how you talk about enjoying the sensations and meditation of masturbation. That is the greatest feeling, in my opinion 🙂


    • Mòrag March 30, 2021 / 15:31

      It really does just come down to setting, sensation and circumstance for me. I don’t have “go to” fantasies to help me get off, I just let my mind wander freely and see where it takes me.

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