My favourite sound

If there’s one sound I love, other than the sound of a man moaning my name as he comes, it’s the sound of his balls slapping against me as he fucks me hard. Nothing emphasises the sound of hard, unrestrained fucking like the sound of his balls slapping against my skin.

There is something primal, something almost animalistic about it as he drives his cock into me with all the force he can muster, pounding my cunt or my arse hard, the urgency of his need for release is palpable as he takes me hard, every thrust of his cock a hammer-blow, filling me as he forces himself roughly upon me as his need overwhelms him.

When he fucks my arse, I love feeling his balls slap against my inflamed labia as he forces his cock roughly into my back-passage and tells me that I’m a filthy little slut.

It turns me on so much knowing that I’ve driven him to the point where he can no longer control himself, where his need to come makes him need to fuck me harder and harder, where the sound of his balls slapping against me emphasises the urgency of his need.

It is the sound of uncontrolled, lust-fuelled fucking. It is the sound of a man’s most basic need, the need to release his seed deep inside a woman, and I am the lucky woman who gets to receive it. I am the target of his most primitive desire, I am the woman that he is fucking so hard and so furiously because I have brought out that most basic, primal, animal in him. I have done this to him, and in return, he is doing this to me; fucking me hard hard.

That’s why I love this particular sound so much…

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5 thoughts on “My favourite sound

  1. David Mei March 14, 2021 / 22:56

    My Kitten likes that sound and feeling as well. She loves it when we start as a leisurely fuck and at some point I loose control, fucking her like an animal. Balls slapping against her.

    You caught the essence of what she has expressed to
    Me very well. Definitely made me go mmmmm in memory of those moments.


  2. David Mei March 14, 2021 / 22:59

    Morag you captured that extremely well. That is exactly the feeling my Kitten has expressed when I lose my control in those moments and the beast takes over. Your description made me go mmmmm in remembrance.


  3. MrsK March 15, 2021 / 05:31

    Mmm. That is a great sound.



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