Sex with the ex

Some of the best sex that I ever had with my ex, was once he became my ex. That’s not to say that the sex we had when we were a couple wasn’t good; it most definitely was. If it hadn’t been good, I wouldn’t have carried on fucking him after he became my ex. No, in a particularly fucked-up kind of way, the reason sex with my ex was even better after we split up was purely down to the fact that he was my ex.

The fact that my ex had a girlfriend made it kind of forbidden.

The fact that his girlfriend was the woman he fucked behind my back then left me for gave it a sort of bitter sweet feeling of revenge.

The fact that he was still fucking me regularly now that he was living with her was deliciously fucked up.

That kind of sums me up.

It’s not that I wanted him back, I most certainly did not. He was a cheating bastard who couldn’t be trusted, the fact that he was still fucking me was proof enough of that. It was, however, that he was an extremely good fuck. In the four years that we had spent together, he had learned exactly what buttons to press, exactly the things to say and the tone in which to say them, that would turn me into a gooey, gagging mess. He knew exactly how I liked my pussy licked, he knew how I liked my boobs to be treated, he knew how to take me to the edge of orgasm and hold me there, deliciously, painfully, torturingly, agonisingly keeping me on the brink until, at exactly the right moment for maximum effect, he would lick that final lick of his tongue, or give that final thrust of his cock that would send me over the precipice into a shuddering, gut-wrenching, toe-curling climax that would leave me exhausted and satisfied.

When he left me, I didn’t really miss him, but I did most definitely miss the sex. When he first approached me about the possibility of hooking-up for a fuck because his girlfriend was away (his exact words), I am ashamed to say, I didn’t even hesitate to accept the proposition. Less than 20 minutes after receiving his text, I was receiving a load of his cum in my mouth. We spent a whole afternoon, evening, night and morning licking, sucking, fucking and cumming; resting only in the time it took us to recover before starting again.

It was wrong and I didn’t care. It was wrong, and that only made it better. It was wrong, so wrong and that was what made it so amazingly fucking good.

Having let him back into my life, and in my cunt (not to mention my mouth and my arse), it would take me almost 18 months to finally wean myself off him. In the end, it wasn’t any moral compunction that made me end it, I simply met the first of my two current guys whom I could enjoy sex with every bit as much as I could with my ex, without the need for feeling any guilt that I might possibly hurt someone. After all, I finally realised that it wasn’t her fault he’d cheated on me, nor was it my fault he cheated on her; no one forced him to stray from either of us, he was simply a cheating bastard who took what he wanted in the guise of giving both her and me what we had become addicted to. It wasn’t healthy, and now I realise that what I have with Master C, The Other Guy and The Girl is so much more satisfying.


18 thoughts on “Sex with the ex

  1. When i was younger I also had sex with people I knew had a partner. Now I am older and wiser I don’t think I could do that- unless they knew about it and were happy for it to happen


  2. I’m possibly a cold hearted bitch, but the way I see it, it’s their problem. I’m going to (hopefully) enjoy the fuck and let them worry about any guilt they may feel. They don’t have to fuck me after all.


  3. Yeah, sex with the ex can be hot AF.
    For me the thrill always waned once I realised she was just trying to get me back. In my experience (only mine) that was always their motive, despite their insistence and denial it wasn’t. But if you had a new GF then by god did they try extra hard in bed to show why you should come back!


  4. With my ex and me, it was just easy and the sex was great, but it definitely wasn’t healthy and finally calling it off was the best thing for me


  5. First of all: Welcome to Wicked Wednesday!

    I also had sex with one of my exes after we broke up, but it was nowhere as hot as yours. And, I also had sex with a man whom I knew was married, but the moment he told me he wanted to leave his wife for me, I told him we were over. I didn’t want a man whom I knew was a cheater, but I also loved my freedom far too much back then!
    Thanks for a great read 🙂

    Rebel xox


  6. Once upon a time I also had sex with an ex, when she and I were both in committed relationships. It wasn’t quite as feverish as yours; it was more of a testing the waters one last time, fulfilling pent up desires, reacting to seeing each other for the first time in years kind of event.

    We broke off contact with each other permanently since that visit, but for that one afternoon we rekindled something and it somehow felt, if not entirely right, not entirely wrong either.

    I’m glad you went on to find your better people. It’s always empowering when we do so, I think.


  7. Sex with an ex can be amazing because, like you say, they know every inch of your body – and there’s also no pressure to hold on to the relationship, so it’s easier to be less inhibited. Like May, I slept with people who were in “monogamous” relationships when I was younger; however, now that I have embraced polyamory – which is built on a challenging but rewarding foundation of honesty – I no longer have the desire to be with people who choose to pretend to be monogamous while fucking other people behind their partner’s backs.


  8. I think it’s definitely about finding the right balance and what is right for each of us. I’m very fortunate that Master C does bot demand/require me to be mono, but instead allows me to make my own choices so long as I am fully aware that there will be consequences as a result of those choices. As for the men I fuck, well, that’s up to them and their own individual consciences, no one is forcing them to fuck me.


  9. The sex with him was always good, but ultimately the relationship was toxic (especially when we were no longer a couple and he was fucking me behind his girlfriend’s back). Much as I enjoyed the sex, and I admit, I do sometimes still miss it, moving own was the best thing I did.


  10. I’m with you on the honesty bit. I am allowed to fuck other men because Master C expects and demands honesty and, indeed, when it comes to determining the consequences of my action, there is an element of self-appraisal in establishing the appropriate level of discipline. As I’ve mentioned already however, in the main, with regards to the men I fuck, as far as I’m concerned, that’s entirely on them. With the exception of Master C and “The Other Guy”, I have no emotional investment. In the overwhelming majority of cases it’s fuck them, forget them, move on to the next one.


  11. I can totally see the appeal of this guy, both for the great sex and also for the added taboo factor. I know most people will frown on that but I can totally understand the hotness to that element



  12. Every time I read the word fuck in this, I read as though it was being said with force (hard and rough, like the way it sounds like your ex fucked you). I don’t know why, but I got such satisfaction out of reading it that way. Anyhow, I’m glad you found something better because he sounds like he had too much of a rroving eye to mess with forever


  13. The sex was fantastic, but he was totally toxic. It was almost like an addiction, and like all addictions, there are always occasional withdrawal cravings long after you’ve given it up.


  14. As I said in my reply to Molly, it was an addiction. Yes, I got of (literally) on the sex with him, but it every bit as self-destructive as it was fantastic.


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